Maintaining Independence: 12 Helpful Products for Seniors

Helpful products for seniors

Everyone needs a little help sometimes, and with a few gizmos and gadgets, just about anyone can maintain some level of independence at home. Maintaining or increasing independence for the elderly can help them keep their dignity and make them feel more confident in themselves. It’s particularly important to help seniors stay independent so that they can continue to live at home, rather than having to rely on care.

This is why, whether you’re thinking for a birthday or just as a little treat, these are 12 products that make perfect gifts for independent seniors.

Electric can openers

Can openers can be difficult to use for anyone that has hand mobility issues. Automatic, electric can openers take the stress out of the process. Automatic openers can be plugged in at the mains so that seniors don’t have to struggle with replacing batteries or keeping the appliance charged.

Jar openers

Stiff jars can be difficult to open, even for the strongest of people. As we get older, we can lose muscle and strength – making opening jars and other containers tough. An automatic jar opener means your senior can continue to enjoy jelly on their toast or pickles on their burgers.

A button hook

Living independently should mean you can eat what you want and wear what you want. Doing up buttons is an intricate job, meaning some seniors may find themselves avoiding ever wearing their favorite clothes. For those with arthritis, a button hook could save time, embarrassment, and hassle. Rather than fumbling around trying to do each button, a button hook can loop into the hole, and the button will fall into place seamlessly.

Elasticated shoelaces

No tie, elasticated shoelaces can be used to swap out traditional laces so seniors can continue to wear their favorite shoes – without having to grapple with getting low to tie them up. Just slip the foot in, and the shoes will fit comfortably and snug. At the end of the day, shoes can just be pushed off again.

Anti-slip shower mat

There are plenty of hazards in the bathroom. One of the most basic bathing aids you can gift a senior is an anti-slip mat. This sits at the bottom of the tub to prevent falls and slips. It can be paired with a shower seat or grab rails to make showering as easy and as accessible as possible.

Portable grab rails

Grab rails are great for getting in and out of the bath or shower. But they’re not much help in your bathroom when you’re staying elsewhere. Portable grab rails are the perfect solution for seniors that like to stay with relatives or go on vacation. The rails can be stuck to tiles or baths with ease, then removed when not needed. This gives seniors the freedom to continue getting out and about with family and friends.

Long-handled pamper kit

There are several long-handled products you can get to create a pamper kit for seniors. For example, a long-handled foot cleaner means seniors don’t need to reach down, while a long-handled back scrubber can help them clean those far-to-reach places. Pair this with a lotion applicator, and they’re free to have a good soak and a pamper.

Motion sensor night lights

Everyone has attempted a quick bathroom visit in the middle of the night. But one wrong foot, and you could fall or trip. Motion sensor night lights are great for plugging in the hallway or in the bathroom to make it easier to navigate in the dark.

Rocking garden seat

A reclining seat or rocking chair is the perfect gift for anyone that loves to waste the day away in the sunshine. Although a large investment, these chairs are ideal for anyone that enjoys their garden and wants to make the most of the summer months.

Metal handrails

Properties with a few steps at the front can make it difficult to get in and out of the house, especially in the winter when stone steps can become increasingly slippery. Installing metal handrails to either side of the steps can help seniors lift themselves through the door without falling or slipping. 

Automated vacuums

Keeping the house clean can be difficult as people age. Plus, with fewer visitors, it can make cleaning seem a little pointless. Automated vacuums that can move around the house themselves are great for sprucing up the place and retaining some level of control over the house’s appearance. Alternatively, it may be worth hiring a weekly cleaning to keep up with the small jobs.


There’s nothing better than sitting back in a comfy chair. But it’s not always easy to get back up… Powerlift recliners are a great addition to the senior home, as they can still get comfortable without having to worry about being stuck in their seat. The powerlift can be controlled using a remote or button at the side. The recliner will then lift so that the person sitting is almost at a standing position – making it much easier and quicker to get up.

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