6 Digitally Printed Products That Can Help Your Business

Digitally Printed Products

Digital printing differs from traditional methods in that it doesn’t involve presses or standard dyes. Instead, an electronic file is printed onto material like vinyl and then mass-produced. Digital printing is growing in popularity partly because it’s incredibly quick (most orders are shipped with next day delivery) and because it’s cost-effective. Digital printing isn’t a labor or machine-intensive process, so prices are low. Here is a look at some of the things you can print to help your business.

#1 Banner adverts

First and foremost, banner adverts are one of the oldest forms of advertising. In the world of social media, they can seem out of date, but hundreds if not thousands of people will see a strategically placed banner in a single day. An advert on a well-used public transport route, for example, or one that occupies a street with a lot of footfall is guaranteed to receive high visibility. Digital printing from a company like Soyang Europe makes it easy to produce the perfect banner. You’ll be able to choose your material (vinyl is robust and capable of withstanding the elements) and make a customized design. Since digital printing is so flexible, you’re free to tweak every aspect of your banner, ensuring that it represents your business and grabs attention.

#2 Flyers 

Flyers are another classic marketing method that has never really gone out of fashion. They require a little more hard work (somebody needs to give them out or put them through letterboxes), but they’re a great way to deliver more information about a business. If banners are designed for maximum impact in a short space of time, flyers represent a deeper dive into the services you can offer. You can explain everything from prices to your business’s vision on the back of a flyer, making customers much more likely to follow through. Digital printing makes it much cheaper to produce vast quantities of flyers, and you should be able to get them with next-day delivery. Better still, the level of detail offered by the digital process ensures that even the smallest text will remain legible. 

#3 Wallcoverings

Wallcoverings do just that: they are applied to a wall using adhesive and represent a massive, difficult-to-miss advert for your business. Some companies use these coverings as standalone adverts, and others use them in the office reception to relay certain services and information to customers. Wallcoverings simply look professional and give a business significantly more “clout.” They can be expensive when produced using traditional plates, but digital printing keeps the cost down. Moreover, since these coverings are necessarily large, the high quality offered by a digital print becomes essential. While traditional presses might struggle to represent detail on something as large as a wall covering, digital printing renders pixel by pixel. This ensures a vivid, attention-grabbing final product.

#4 Public transport adverts

These differ from banner adverts in that they’re designed specifically for bus and train stops. They’re usually displayed as part of a rolling set of adverts and tend to be printed on vinyl. The benefits of this type of advert are fairly obvious. Situating your message in a public transport stop guarantees a captive audience. As commuters wait for their bus or train, they’re exposed to the advert and also have time to use their smartphones to search for further information. That’s why most public transport adverts have some kind of attached call to action: some modern varieties even include scannable QR codes. Public transport adverts usually take the form of roller banners, which are easy to render with digital printing.

#5 Window films

Window films are a common sight in offices around the world. Although they aren’t overt marketing techniques, they certainly give your office space a more professional look while guaranteeing privacy inside individual compartments. Films are usually printed on latex or UV and then adhered to office windows. They are translucent and allow light into the office without compromising on privacy or the “open plan” feel that many businesses seek to establish. Films can comprise anything from simple patterns to the company logo, but customization is key. No two films will be the same, which is why the flexibility of digital printing is so important.

#6 Product exhibitions

Although it won’t be appropriate for every business, staging an exhibition to show off your products and services is a tried and tested marketing technique. These events draw in potential customers and investors, all the while acting as a showcase for what your business can offer. They’re highly visual affairs, too, often involving banners and large wall coverings. Digital printing makes it easier (not to mention cheaper) to stage a product exhibition than ever before. Printing high gloss, high-quality images of your wares for display can now be done at the touch of a button, with quick delivery to meet any timetable.

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