6 Tips To Do Work From Home During Coronavirus Pandemic Effectively

Work From Home During Coronavirus Pandemic

Work From Home (WFH) In COVID 19 Situation Started In March 2020. The era of working from home can’t be said new but it was not completely applicable to every company or business cell. So it is a new challenge to people who have never experienced doing work from home for a longer period. It is a challenge of working from home full time. Many people have expressed or shared their experience on social media platforms. People say, “the day passes in and out unknowingly”, while others say, “It’s completely fine doing work from home making them free to manage home and office equivalently.”

All have different personal experience regarding continuously doing work from home during lockdown.

Working From Home During Coronavirus Pandemic – A Great Challenge

  • Many organizations, companies (private or public) are offering online work to people sitting at home during this lockdown. Many of it and other cells are managing their works via people sitting at home. But the major challenge here comes in maintaining the efficiency which duly comes when the employees are not full of motivation and excitement to complete the work offered to them.
  • Its not easy for employees to produce the same level of efficiency as in offices sit apparently with colleagues. No matter whatever the sufficient tools are remaining with the people to convocated with colleagues using Skype, sharing screens via any desk, using hangouts for short conversations, etc. Somewhere there is a huge wastage of time and lack of efficiency.
  • The boredom in people makes them demotivated and tired, which many of the employees are been suffering during this lockdown. Working from home can get lonely and affect your mental health makes you fall into the isolation trap.

6 Key Tips To Work From Home Effectively

The following are 6 Key tips for those doing online work from home during this lockdown to rejuvenate their mind and body, also make them motivated if followed daily.

1.     Create A Workspace In Your House

It’s important to create a zone that looks and feels distinct from the rest of your home. Create distinguished spaces at home so the boundaries between life and work don’t become too blurred.

2.     Get organized

Make and arrange your desk and chair arranged. Place a noticeboard in front of your desk by decorating it beautifully gives a positive vibe. Clearing off the desk and creating a neat workspace sets a tone for the rest of the day. Make your laptop, diary, pen, cell phone, and chargers organized in one place.

Sit in a separate room to avoid distractions also use noise cancellation headphones if living in a noisy house. Get ready daily as going to the office gives an office vibe and makes a positive attitude towards work.

3.     Do Yoga Daily

When we sit for too long, it makes your body function slowly. A good and short yoga session or a meditation yoga classes in between your working hours for meditation helps you in clearing your mind. And, save you from a lot of stress that can incur in your life from your workplace.

4.     Plan your work before you start the day

Do not Leave any crap from yesterday behind, tap into what’s happening at the outset of the day, get organized and ready, or hit the ground running, if that’s what is needed. Recall all your emails and messages before attending meetings over a day.

5.     Block out distractions from people

It’s important to avoid any kind of disturbance between the work. This can result in an enormous number of mistakes in your work. So blocking out distractions from people helps in easy and better flow of work. It also helps in the good management of work.

6.     Calendar Control

Better knowing the situation of the market and ongoing stage of the global pandemic situation in the country. Do not forget you are earning a salary in a lockdown period. Under this period many have lost their jobs and many were put into leave not paid mode by their respective company. So stay committed to your timings and deliverables.

Better Avoid home chores or personal appointments during working hours except during scheduled breaks. Don’t abuse WFH by being unavailable or else you will have to compromise with your professional respect and may lose your job when your company cuts costs to deal with Corona-triggered challenges.