UGC Guidelines for University Exams: End-Of-Term Exams To Be Held In September

UGC guidelines for university exams

With the whole world subjugated by the wrath of the Corona Virus, many facets of life has been put on halt. Industries are closed, businesses are in loss and the financial back of the people is broken. However one section of the society is getting lesser attention. It is the students whose careers and studies have been affected by this COVID 19 pandemic with no respite in sight.

The board exams in most of the states were cancelled and the students were automatically promoted by evaluating their past performances. This was a very welcome move by the state governments and was cheered on by the students and their families alike. States like Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, Odisha, Haryana, Gujarat etc led this movement together. Decisions like these were to definitely help in arresting the spread of the Corona Virus.

However in a sudden blow to such progressive moves, the Home Ministry is hellbent on conducting end-semester exams of all universities and colleges. The government decision on university exams says that end-term examinations of various universities and colleges which have been postponed indefinitely to slow down the spread of coronavirus can now be held by taking all the necessary precautions.

UGC Guidelines for University Exams

The Ministry directed the Higher Education Secretary to announce that the exams were to be conducted as per the UGC guidelines and the academic calendar for the Universities as per the Standard Operating Procedure approved by the Union Ministry of Health and Family Welfare. Few hours after that the University Grants Commission announced that examinations can be held in September as part of the Unlock 2.0.

The fresh UGC guidelines for university exams suggest that the exams will be held both online and offline and the students who would not be able to appear can take the examinations at a later date.

Student Reaction

On one hand where the Home Ministry is so keen on conducting the examinations, the students are not very excited with the idea. Seeing how there is no slowdown is the spread of the coronavirus and how India is now the 3rd most affected country, students are sceptical about going out to their homes that too for an exam.

In fact, the students have even been demanding the cancellation of engineering and medical competitive examinations which was scheduled to be held this month. There has been no update on that either. It seems like there is no confidence yet in the UGC guidelines for exams during lockdown. #StudentLivesMatter has been trending on twitter, requesting the Home Ministry to revisit its decision.

Final Thoughts

Though the exams have been announced, there have been no announcements regarding how the government plans to actually conduct the exams. With two months till September, it will be interesting to see how the government lays down the whole framework. Maybe that will give some confidence to the students. But until that happens the students and their parents alike will have concerns for their safety which is totally sane and understandable.

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