Top 5 Alternative Sites to Rainierland (Free Movie Streaming Site) in 2021

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Movies are not only a source of entertainment but a learning experience and a perfect getaway from boredom as well. There would hardly be a person who doesn’t like watching movies. Movies and TV series’ transport us to a land of fantasy and fiction. With the advent of OTT platforms and streaming sites, the world of cinema has been revolutionised. Accessibility of good movies and tv series is however a matter of grave concern for cinephiles all around the world.

Not everyone can afford the high cost of subscription to popular streaming platforms. The recent Coronavirus pandemic has taken away the world of movie theatres from people as well. But there are few sites which provide movie services free of cost. One such saving grace is Rainierland. We can watch free movies rainier which are quite costly on other OTT platforms.

What is Rainierland?

Rainierland is an online movie streaming app that provides people unlimited access to the latest movies, tv series and documentaries. The best part? It is completely free of cost. All the latest movies are uploaded on the site as soon as possible, according to the staff of Rainierland. Generally with pirated movies, the quality of the video is very poor. But all the movies and tv series’ uploaded on Rainierland are 100% HD with great sound quality. It is one of the best movie streaming services out there.

How to Use Rainierland:

The process to use rainierland is pretty simple owing to its simple and user friendly interface. The step by step guide is as follows:

Step 1: Go to the Rainierland official website and select the category of movie you would like to watch.

Step 2: After selecting your category of movie, you will be guided to a CAPTCha page to prove that you aen’t a robot.

Step 3: Soon after clearing the CAPTCha, all your searched movies will appear on the screen and you can watch them.

Features of Rainierland

Rainierland comes with many top notch features at absolutely no cost to the user. It’s features include:

  1. Affordability: Considering the fact that streaming movies on Rainierland is absolutely free, it is incredibly affordable. The site never asks for credit card information or any other personal details. Rainier movies online can be enjoyed without any hassle.
  2. Better Quality: All content uploaded on Rainierland is fully High Definition with good sound quality. It even has screen zooming features.
  3. User-friendly: The website is easy to navigate even for first time users. As a new user you would not find any trouble going through the site. This truly enhances the movie watching experience.
  4. Fast: Apart from streaming, Rainierland free also has options for in-app downloading which is very fast. Downloaded movies can be watched later in the absence of an internet connection. It is also very fast in uploading movie. A new movie is uploaded in just 2-3 days after its release and of course in HD quality. You can watch rainier free movies online fast.

Is Rainierland safe to use?

Even with all its wonderful features, Rainierland is not a legal site. But still a lot of people use it. The maximum threat is of a malware or virus infecting your device. Nothing more than that. It can easily be tackled with anti-virus software. Let’s hope they make Rainierland free movies legal. Apart from this, there are quite few states where Rainierland would not be accessible in event of it being blocked. For that one can use the five alternatives mentioned below.

StreamingSites: StreamingSites is a website which lists and reviews all of the best available free streaming sites on the internet. You can find the best alternatives to Rainierland in one place. The website uses a ranking system to rank all the streaming services on the basis of quality and safety. Make sure to visit

  1. Soap2day : This website provides a  lot of options in terms of movies and tv series to its viewers. It’s content is both stream able and downloadable. Mostly consisting of Bollywood movies, recently some Hollywood movies were added as well.
  2. Putlocker: Most users call this the sister site of Rainierland movie because of their similar interface and functionality. The content here is almost same as Rainierland. So users who cannot access Rainierland can use this website.
  3. Couchtuner: This is the perfect site for people looking for streaming sites which offer free content. This alternative site to Rainierland has all the movies and tv series like Rainierland walking dead.
  4. Hulu: Hulu is definitely one of the most popular free streaming sites out there. It is almost as good as Rainierland and has all the movies in HD quality. If you love to watch movies, you should consider this as an alternative to Rainierland.
  5. Hub Movie: This app is one of the best for rainierland download movies for later use. The quality in here is HD and hence this could be the perfect opportunity for you.

These are the few alternative sites to Rainierlnd which can enhance your movie watching experience.