Top 14 Kisscartoon Alternative Websites To Watch HD Cartoons For Free

Kisscartoon Alternative Websites

Cartoons are considered an entertainment domain of children. But that is far from the truth. People of all ages in different parts of the world enjoy cartoons, especially anime. They are specifically made for a grown audience. Originating in Japan, Anime has garnered a cult following around the world. Kisscartoon is one such resource which allows its users to watch various anime shows completely free of cost. Lately its website has been down so we bring to you 14 kisscartoon alternative website.

Kisscartoon 2k19 was a free website which housed a huge collection of anime shows, movies, tv series’ etc. The website did not ask for any personal information or credit card credentials before logging. This provided a sense of privacy among its users and hence helped it grow into a popular website. This did not sit well with many people and is currently banned by authorities.  Many of its regular users are left without any affordable option to watch anime. We have compiled a list of 14 alternative sites to Kisscartoon but before that let us look at few Kisscartoon mirror Sites like

Kisscartoon Mirror Sites

Mirror sites are replicas of websites that have different domain addresses but host the similar content. Mirror sites are a good way to evade unnecessary blockades. It is also recommended that you use VPN services to safeguard your browsing experiences and to unlock blocked websites. Top 5 most useful VPN services are ExpressVPN, Surfshark, NordVPN, ProtonVPN and IPVanish. Kisscartoon mirror sites are listed below:

Kisscartoon Alternative Websites:

  1. Anime Toon


Anime Toon deserves the top spot in the list of Kisscartoon alternatives for the features that it offers. It has a smart yet easy to use interface which makes browsing the website a child’s play. It has a wide collection of anime shows and movies available catering to all age ranges. Kids can spend hours on this easy to use website. The content is well categorised and hosts a wide range of subbed, dubbed anime and HD photos. Approximately 3 million people visit the website every month and this in itself a testimony to its popularity.

  • Crunchyroll


Crunchyroll is an American website which is pretty popular among the cartoon-watching masses. One unique quality which separates Crunchyroll from other cartoon streaming sites is its exceptional high-definition video quality. They also offer free premium subscription to its users on a trial basis. The user friendly interface makes it easy to stream and watch content from their wide range of cartoons and anime. They also have manga for users to read while they wait for their fav episode to air.

  • KissAnime

Link: or

KissAnime offers content categorically organised in an alphabetical order for easy sorting and streaming. They are leaders in the industry and are known for their easy service and user friendly interface. The website regularly updates its users about their latest additions. They offer suggestions, recommendations and critic reviews which can help you choose the best anime for yourself. Movies can be downloaded for later viewing as well.

  • Cartoon Network


There would probably be nobody who is not aware of Cartoon Network. Cartoon Network had been an important part of every kid’s life. They are the original birthplace of some of our most favourite cartoons. Sweet memories of this website is still etched in everyone’s head.  It still occupies the position of one of the most popular and user-friendly cartoon websites in the world. They have the widest collection of cartoons both from original sources and TVs. It is a great website for kids to keep browsing all day long and is one of the best options in place of Kisscartoon.

  • Cartoon Crazy


It is one of the great kisscartoon alternatives. They have a vast collection of cartoons and anime available for their users free of cost. They boast of up to 12 million visitors every month from rich countries like Canada, Australia, UK, USA etc. They have an easy search interface for new users to find their choice of subbed and dubbed videos.

  • 9Anime


9Anime comes with a special feature wherein they recommend cartoons to their users. These recommendations are based on previous interactions of the user on the website. Many a time we find ourselves stumped about what to watch after we complete a tv series. With 9Anime’s recommendation system, you can easily get an idea of what to watch next. The website keeps itself regularly updates with the latest stuff and will send the users notifications about missed episodes. While on the website, the users can hover over the genres and get a good preview. This helps them easily choose what to watch.

  • Disney Junior


Similarly like Cartoon Network, Disney needs no introduction. It has been an inseparable part of every kids’ life since decades. They are the creators of some of our favourite cartoon movies and shows that have become cult classics now. Disney Junior is a child friendly websites which hosts a wide range of cartoons from old to new. They constantly update their database and regularly come up with their own original shows. Their website is children friendly which means small kids can easily navigate through the website and watch their favourite shows like Mickey Mouse, Clubhouse etc,


Link: is one of the easiest websites out there to be browsed because it easily redirects to the sponsored websites. It does not warp while watching your favourite tv show. It is its most endearing quality. They provide the quickest and fully HD content in no time. It is pretty well known for its super speed. It is because of this reason it can boast of around 14.5 million users and majority of them are from developed countries like UK, USA, Canada, Australia etc.

  • Cartoons On


Cartoons On may not be a great website at user experience as they tend to instantly redirect their users to other websites. But what it lacks in quality customer service, it more than makes up for it in the variety of their collection. They have categorically sorted anime and cartoons ranging from latest to old classic. Maybe this is why it has been able to garner a sizeable customer base of 4.8 million users from countries like UK, USA, Canada , Netherlands etc.

  • AnimeRhino


AnimeRhino is a host to a pretty huge number of verified links which can be used to download and stream movies for later. It makes up for a great alternative to Kisscartoon just owing to the fact that it has a huge quantity of anime movies, anime shows, cartoons etc on its website. Its user friendly interface makes it easy for even a small kid to browse through it.


Link: is a mirror website of that we have mentioned earlier in the post. Its functions and working interface is very much similar to and has an overall user friendly platform. Similar to its sister website, also recommends good movies and tv series to its users. It takes into account the activity of the user on their website and then the algorithm crafts suitable recommendations for the user. We can suggest couchtuner as yet another movie streaming platform.

  • Watch Cartoon Online

Link: or

Watch Cartoon Online makes the list of best alternatives to Kisscartoon due to its similarity in design to Kisscartoon. Every thing that the user needs is available on the homepage and in case one needs to look for something, the search and navigation bar is always at their disposal. The design of the website is so easy that even small children can use it. It is a completely kid friendly website even to the point of its advertisements being kid friendly.

  • Masteranime


Masteranime has a very neat design which makes browsing the website easy. It has a similar interface to solarmovie and it offers all kinds of HD and HQ movies, videos , anime cartoons etc. owing to its simple interface, even kids find it easy to use. They kep their users in touch with latest trends and releases by always recommending them new shows and reminding them of new releases.

  • Nickelodeon


Nickelodeon needs no introduction. Just like cartoon network and Disney, Nickelodeon has been at the forefront of cartoon entertainment industry for decades. Their shows are interacting and help kids learn something. This is the reason they have managed to stay at the top of their game.

Apart from these 14, there are few other best alternatives to Kisscartoon as well that offer similar services free of cost. Let’s take a brief look at them: