Why The Summer Holidays Are Best Time for Kheerganga Trek!

best time for Kheerganga trek

Are you a person who is obsessed with travelling to different places and make memories for life-time? Do you love to travel to places near to witness natural beauty? One of the best trekking destinations is in Himachal. Summer holidays are the best time for Kheerganga trek.

The geographical location of this place is 2590m high. Kheerganga is situated deep inside the valley of Parvati (commonly known as kullu valley). In case if you are wondering why trekking is one of the best ways to spend your vacation, then below listed are few factors which will make you want to sign up for a trek this season.

  1. To improve one’s own fitness

The first and foremost motivating reason to go for trekking is that it helps to maintain one’s fitness. It is because, when people go for trekking, it requires lot of physical strength and fitness from them as they have to walk for longer hours and jump sometimes to avoid the uneven path. Therefore, this summer is the best time for Kheerganga trek.

  • To be close to the mother nature

Yes, the second motivating factor on our list is that people, who usually go for trekking, get to observe and spend time close to the nature. Trekking has proven to be a better pick for a travel destination because one will always get the opportunity to skip their monotonous life for a while.

  • To gain new experiences in life

How often it is in our daily lives that we get to experience something apart from our daily routine. When a person is on a trek, he/she meets new people and also challenges themselves with new hurdles during the complete journey.

  • To taste the adventure

Along with being a travel lover, if you are also a person with adrenaline rush because of the adventure that the trek has stored in then,  Kheerganga Trek trip is one of the best pick for such an adventure. 

  • Make memories for life and beyond

The statement that a “traveler will always have a book full of memories as compared to a person who does not travel” is absolutely true.

Why is Kheerganga Trek one of the most budgeted trips one can ever have?

There are many locations near the nature which are very beautiful but do not cost a huge amount of money from the tourist. Below listed are few transportation details for reaching Kheerganga.

  • The nearest airport– Bhunter (the cost of the ticked depends upon the airlines and the season during which tickets are being booked).
  • If you want to travel from Delhi– one can opt for travelling by a Volvo (1300-1500 INR) and it will take approximately 13-14 hours.
  • Other cities– If you are living in other cities, you can easily connect to Bhunter via railways, airways and roadways.

Final Insights

If you have finally made-up your mind for going on a Kheerganga Trek, then you should start looking for an experienced travel adviser as it will greatly help in making your travel experience smooth and comforting.