What is SEO and Why It’s Essential for Your Business

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SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. Before you can understand what it is, you should know what search engines are.

To put it in easy words, Google is a search engine. But there isn’t just one. There are others like Yahoo and Bing, but Google remains the biggest and most powerful search engine used by billions of people.

These billions of people search their questions on Google, and it shows them the most relevant and suitable answers by ranking them. That’s why every business needs Globex Outreach link building. The searchers then visit one of the results on the first page of the Google search result page.

Every business wants to attract those searchers to their website, so they index with Google and try to rank at the top positions of the first page. For that, they have to optimize their websites for this search engine using a technique called Search Engine Optimization.

SEO is basically a branch of digital marketing to promote a business on the internet and increase its revenue.

There are also many other ways to get people to visit your website, but SEO is considered the most effective and important. Here I have discussed why all digital marketers consider most important for businesses.

You Get Organic Traffic

SEO creates an organic stream of website visitors. Every unpaid visit you get naturally is called an organic visitor. All businesses try to build their organic traffic, so they don’t have to pay for each visitor.

In case you don’t know what paid traffic is, it’s done through PPC.

PPC is Pay-per-Click advertising that appears on search engine result pages and other websites. When they are directed to your website when they click on those ads. In return, you have to pay for every click you get on your ad.

This might bring traffic to your website; it works only for as long as you are running the ad campaign. It’s not a good method to run an online business because it’s very expensive. You have to pay from $0.01 to $100 for one click, and there is no guarantee that the visitor will convert to lead or a sale.

SEO Stats

So you need organic sources of traffic. When you are ranked on Google, every person that searches a relevant query sees your result. He clicks on your link and visits your website, and you don’t have to pay anything.

This is the biggest reason why you need to invest in SEO instead of relying on paid advertisement campaigns.

Globex Outreach Link Building Helps to Build Trust

Everyone knows that you have to work very hard to get on the top rank. Google is a brand trusted by its billions of users. They know that it will only show them the best results.

It’s also general knowledge that Google has very strict criteria to select the top-ranked websites. So, not only do people click on your link, they also trust you.

They understand that you must provide value to your audience and have something great to offer if you are ranked top. Advertisement doesn’t get that trust. They know that anyone who is willing to pay for the click can show his link at the top.

Most of the time, only professional and experienced businesses are ranked in the top positions. People start to see you as an industry leader when you appear the top positions.

Users Get a Better Experience

SEO involves improving your website for a great user experience. Google doesn’t rank any website that has a bad user interface.

It uses many techniques to checks to how the user interacts with your website and how he behaves there. There are factors like bouncing rate and dwell time among dozens of others to see if the visitors had a pleasant experience or not.

You have to create and provide the best user interface that is not confusing and, in fact, attracting website visitors if you want to get on the good side of Google.

These things are essential; otherwise, there is always a competition that is willing to provide more and better.

While SEO does improve search engine ranking, it also makes your website ideal for your target audience. They have a good interaction with your website, which helps you win their trust.

You Get a Better Conversion Rate

Search Engine Optimization gets you to improve the overall user journey on your website. Yes, it helps improve your Google ranking, but guess what else?

It also improves the conversion rate of your website.

Conversion rate is the ratio of website visitors that became a lead by providing their contact information and sharing their interest in what you offer or become a customer by buying your product online.

Conversion Rate

Sales and leads are the reason why businesses create their websites and invest in digital marketing. Just the website traffic doesn’t help if you don’t get any sales out of them, and SEO does just exactly that.

It will improve the user experience and journey on your website and increase your conversion rate.

It’s the Long Term Solution

Paid advertisement works great, especially when you are just getting started, but it’s not a feasible solution in the long term.

After all, how long can you keep running those ads?

Remember that there can also be competition for advertisement. If one of your competitors also started running an ad campaign, you will have to struggle to show your ad at the top.

Once you have built your rank on the search engine result page for organic traffic, you don’t have to keep paying per click. Instead, you can focus on maintaining that rank.

Furthermore, one of the best things about digital marketing is the power to record your performance. You can see how many people visited your website, how they came here, what they did, and if they converted.

This is just the tip of the iceberg; there are many other things you can record about your audience and the performance of your business that make your decision-making better.