5 Easy Ways to Secure Your New Place

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Purchasing and finally moving into your new home is an extremely exciting milestone. It’s a dream come true, as people spend years saving up to buy their very own place and to be called homeowners.

In fact, homeownership is an amazing investment opportunity, and it’s your responsibility to make sure you’ve done everything possible to make it a safe place for your loved ones and you, and of course, protect the property itself.

There are plenty of intruders who’re interested in breaking into homes. But that doesn’t mean there’s nothing you can do to make it tough for them. The very first step to secure your home is to eliminate any opportunity they have to break in.

Even though many put nighttime security as their first priority, most burglaries usually happen during the day when people are at school, work, or running errands. Hence, making it important to take security measures at any time you’re not in the house.

Here are 5 easy ways on how to secure your new place.

Secure Your Doors

Securing your doors is the first and very best thing to do which ensures the protection of your home against burglary to a very large extent. In other words, you need to make sure all the exterior doors of your house are well protected by hinges, strong frames, and a thin mail slot that makes it impossible for anyone to reach inside.

Moreover, you should also consider adding security measures to the doors, like a strike plate, deadbolt, or even update your lock to a smart lock. You can also install a video doorbell, as it allows you to see who’s at your doorstep, even when you’re away.

The Google Nest Hello Video Doorbell is a great investment and comes with great smart features. You can purchase it at FirstEnergy Ohio for $230.

Lock Your Windows

Your windows ought to at least be in working condition. Basically, this means that their latch should have no issues in closing. However, as unfortunate as it is flimsy latches are the least effective measures when it comes to protecting your home against intruders.

Therefore, if you’re aware of any of the windows in your home having such latches it’s high time to get those replaces or updated. This is the basic thing when it comes to avoiding any form of break-ins.

Furthermore, you can choose to reinforce the glass window security film. Which is a polyester film essentially made to hold the glass together in case it gets shattered. You can also choose to install glass or window break sensors, or have windows that don’t open more than six inches.

The last thing you can do is to opt for blinds, as it’s an effective way of keeping unwanted eyes from having a view into your home and further survey your possessions.


Lighting is another effective way of securing your new home. Well-lit areas outside your house can at times be a good deterrent in having any unwanted intruders around your property. Burglars need darkness to get their jobs done.

Hence, if you were to take the darkness away and have lights in such areas. Burglars will tend to stay away and move to much easier targets. In fact. Motion-activated and smart lighting is another option to choose from.

Motion-activated lighting is switched on automatically whenever someone walks in that area of light. And smart lighting has the feature which allows you to set a schedule for when you would like the lights to switch on and can be controlled remotely as well.

This works well if you’re usually away for business trips or vacations. It gives potential intruders the image that someone’s home.

Install a Home Security System

This is by far the most effective measure you can take when it comes to securing your new place. In fact, it’s an extensively complete method of protection. You can either go for a top-of-the-line home security system or DIY smart security system that has home automation and professional monitoring.

Ultimately, it is your decision as to which features you need the most. As there are tons of options available out there on the market. 

Get to Know Your Neighbors

This may seem like one of the most common things one does when moving into a new home. But have you considered getting to know the neighbors to further protect your place?

This a great way to have your home protected from any kind of break-in and ward off intruders. The extra pair of eyes watching over your home will provide extra protection to your property. Especially if you’re away from home.

Therefore, get to know your neighbors for the sake of watching over each other’s houses.


Protecting your new home is a serious matter, for which you should go to any extent to make sure you don’t regret it in the future. We hope you do the above-mentioned things to protect your new place!