AI-based Paraphrasing Tools to Paraphrase your Content Online

paraphrasing tool

What are paraphrasing tools? A good question indeed! Article Spinners are also known as content sentence rephraser, word changers, and article rewriter tools. These online paraphrasing tools main job is to change duplicate content to the desired level of uniqueness without compromising the original meaning of the article/post. 

Traditional or manual paraphrasing is avoided today because it can be very time taking and effort-consuming. Paraphrasing is not an easy task, and you need a lot of practice and skills to master it.

There are plenty of paraphrasing tools in the market, but not all of them are reliable because they can only make the content free of plagiarism, but in the process, they would surely ruin the meaning/context and sense of the content. So, as a result of using these unreliable tools, you would get artificial and unreadable content. The section below would list out the tools that use artificial intelligence for content spinning and paraphrasing. You can use these AI-based paraphrasing tools when you are:

  1. Working on search engine marketing or optimization of content.
  2. While planning to drive more organic traffic towards your website. 
  3. To avoid all sorts of Google penalties relevant to duplication/plagiarism.
  4. When you have to deliver significant content capital in a short amount of time!

Best Paraphrasing tools based on AI!

Out of dozens of paraphrasing tools, we have shortlisted a few well-reputed ones:

  • Paraphrasing Tool by is known to be one of the most fascinating and reliable plagiarism checker tools on the web. Still, you must know that you cannot only check plagiarism with this website, but you can also remove it with the paraphrasing tool indexed on its interface. This paraphrasing tool is very easy to use and is free. You have to enter the text here, which you want to rephrase in the tool, and after a deep analysis of your content, the tool would spin it into fresh outputs. You can spin a minimum of 50 to a maximum of 2k words with an online word changer. As it is an AI-based cloud program, the resultant content produced by it is not only free of plagiarism but is also readable and of high quality!

  • RewriteGuru

RewriteGuru is a designated website that provides free and reliable content spinning options. To use this tool for free and enjoy the premium features, you have to register your account with it. Rewrite guru offers three different spinning modes, which you can check out here. The three models include smart spinning, manual spinning, and ultra-spinning. Each mode has its pros and cons, and it is up to the user to select the one which suits their requirements the most. This tool’s working is quite simple and straightforward, so you won’t need any practice or skills to utilize it. This paraphrasing tool is best for all sorts of users who are related to content writing!

  • Article spinner by SmallSEOTools

Smallseotools is another giant website that offers tons of tools and services for free. The paraphrasing tool by also works based on advanced algorithms and artificial intelligence, which is why we would recommend you to try it out. The nice thing about this article spinner is its friendly interface. You must know that the article spinner by SST can be used for free and without any restrictions. You should also know that this is a cloud-based tool, and you can spin content on any of your devices!

  • Duplichecker 

Duplichecker is one of the famous websites on the web. This website comprises a complete package including a grammar checker, plagiarism checker, spelling checker, and a paraphrasing tool. You can not only check your work for petty issues with Duplichecker, but you can also spin your content and change it into a new one for free. You don’t even have to register or sign up with an account to use the free tools. Because of its advanced algorithms and AI utilization, the tool can create the most reader-friendly content and that too in a short amount of time. The article spinner by Duplichecker is reportedly one of the most used tools among students and teachers!

  • Article Rewriter by SearchEngineReports

This paraphrasing tool is also among the top five popular ones on the web, and this is also because it uses AI to recreate new content based on duplicate inputs. If your content has plagiarism in it or is short on deadline and wants to complete your work within less than minutes, this is the best paraphrasing tool you use. The tool can handle up to 2000 words worth of input in one go, and the best thing about this article spinner is that it allows you to spin the same input multiple times until and unless you are fully satisfied with the output results. The resultant content by this word changer is unique, grammatically correct, and readable!

Using either of these AI-based article spinners, you can easily create content with decent quality!