North Korea Leader Latest News: Kim Jong Un In Coma, Sister Took Over Country’s Reins

kim jong un sister

North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un is in a coma. Currently, Kim Jong Un sister is handling the country’s reins. This claim has been made by former South Korean intelligence officer Chang Song Min. Min has been a special assistant to former country’s president Kim Dei Jung. According to Min, Kim Jng Un is seriously ill. However, nothing other concrete has been said about the disease.

There were also reports of Kim being seriously ill a month ago. But then, he suddenly came to the fore and put a stop to these speculations.

Kim Jong Un In A Coma, But Alive

During a conversation with the South Korean media, Min said- According to my information, Kim Jong Un is in a coma at the moment. But, still alive. Right now, North Korea is commanded by Kim Jong Un sister Kim Yo Jong. This is not the first time for Jong to take power. In the past, she has been supporting the running of the government as a big brother.

Why Hand Over Powers To Kim Jong Un Sister

Min said- Kim has not completely handed over power to Kim Jong Un sister – Kim Yo-Jong yet. Right now, he has been given this responsibility so that the leadership crisis does not last long and he gets to understand the nuances of running the government properly. Jong, 33, was also reported second in the government at the last month. However, Kim never publicly declared Jong a successor.

South Korea’s Sharp Eye

South Korea is closely watching the political movements in the neighbouring country. As soon as there were reports of Kim being in a coma, a meeting of the National Intelligence Service was held in South Korea. The country’s news agency Yonhap said – “There was no surprise from the news of Kim Yo Jong assuming power. This is to happen in times to come. The Central Committee of the Jong Party was already handling”. According to some reports, Kim was ill as he had heart surgery in April, 2020 . He has been more ill since then.

Yo-jong And Kim Jong Studied In The Same School

Kim Yo-jong is the younger sister of dictator Kim Jong-un. She is considered close to the dictator and powerful in government. Born in 1985 Kim Yo-jong is 4 years younger than her brother. Both siblings were studying in Bern, Switzerland. Analysts say a few months ago a dispute between North and South Korea began to give Yo-jong a bigger platform.

Yo-jong attacked South Korea in March

Yo-jong made his public statement for the first time in March. He attacked South Korea. Then he realized that his rights had been extended. Yo-jong also wrote about the possibility of meeting brother Kim and US President Donald Trump. He emphasized that North Korea does not intend to harm America. It is believed that Yo-jong’s efforts to influence the US gave him responsibility for policies related to the US and South Korea.