Tips to Better Quality Sleep


1. Keep off Alcohol, Caffeine, and Tobacco Before Bed

This has been said over and over, but products with caffeine reduce your sleep quality. Be sure to keep off all caffeinated products, be it tea, coffee, chocolate, caffeinated soft drinks and pain relievers before bedtime, preferably four to six hours before. This also applies to smokers, who should keep off tobacco products before going to bed due to the stimulating nature of tobacco. Alcohol is also known to reduce sleep quality. While most people think that it helps one sleep, but the truth is it stimulates the body after a few hours and keeps you awake when you should be asleep, which reduces the quality of your sleep.

2. Maximize the Advantages of Light

Ensure that you get maximum exposure to light during the day as it helps keep your internal clock working for a normal sleep-wake pattern. Studies indicate that light is essential to signaling the brain to wake up. Perhaps that is the reason we struggle to get up in the morning on winter days due to the darkness at 7.30 am. For a great night’s sleep, be sure to allow the light in as soon as you get up. While this might not be as easy during the winter, you can always buy light boxes that simulate sunlight for your home.

3. Workout Before Bedtime

Exercising at least three hours before going to bed can result in more relaxing sleep. Keep in mind that workout helps stimulate the production of cortisol, the stress hormone, in the body. This hormone, in turn, activates the brain’s alerting mechanism. Exercising too close to sleep hours will have you struggling to get to sleep for some time. That means you’re better off exercising in the early hours of the day, and not just for your sleep but also get your metabolism going.

4. Set a Sleep-Inducing Environment

Setting the right environment is key to getting a quality night’s sleep. Essentially, the perfect environment is a silent, calm, and dark environment to enhance sound sleep. Invest in a comfortable supportive mattress, read these Serta reviews. If you reside along a major road, find a way to lower the noise, maybe by using white noise or a pair of ear plugs. Seasons will determine how dark it is outside, and you can use an eye mask or blackout shades if it is not dark enough for you to sleep well. The temperature in the room also needs to be cool, so ensure that you find a way to regulate it to make it comfortable.

5. Follow a Definite Sleep Schedule

Ensure that you maintain a definite time to get to bed and wake up every day as it trains your ‘internal clock’ when to expect sleep and when to wake up. While you might struggle to sleep on one night, the extra sleep accumulated will help you get to sleep easily the following night … quality days!