This Monsoon Make The Hampta Pass Trek Booking With Riding Solo?

Hampta Pass trek booking

Hampta Pass is a beautiful place that showers the divine beauty amid dark pine forests, open meadows along with glacial valleys. It mesmerizes visitors by its eye-catching views and modifying sceneries that entertain. Planning out for a trek to fly away from the boresome routine and feel fresh amid greenery accompanying with the trekking adventures.

Then it’s the time to check out about Hampta Pass if you are not aware of this paradise until now, located in a small corridor of Lahaul’s Chandra Valley and Kullu valley of Himachal Pradesh, India. Hampta Pass trek booking is easier to do online with the availability of popular trekking services.

Every tourist when they come up with little research on the internet about Hampta Pass gets excited to visit as soon as possible. However, the best time to visit Hampta Pass is from June to mid-October and this is the ideal time to experience the beautiful landscapes hidden amid the huge Rocky Mountains and green meadows. The trek to Hampta Pass cannot be explained in the words and it is more than a simple adventure, something to experience in the spill of rain.

When the Hampta Pass trek booking is done, it will be mostly mentioned that trek starts from Manali and travels across Spiti valley. Hampta Pass trek allows to experience and will surprise the visitors at every point with gorgeous wildflowers, herbs, rhododendrons forests, birch trees along with glowing white streams as well as rivers.

The most important highlights of Hampta Pass trek that make tourists plan for the trek many numbers of times are beautiful and dense forests of Chikka, Hampta river that en route here are the first ones in the trek that are followed by lush green meadows at the end of Jobra and continues in Jawra. The next highlight of this trek is the snow pass and the snow bridges.

The Hampta Pass ranges start at the Prini village which is the starting point, and as the trek goes upwards one can experience the spellbinding landscapes. Barren mountains of Lahaul lets the tourists have an awesome travel experience with ‘Switzerland of India’ making a gateway for the multitude of adventure activities.

The best time to visit Hampta Pass is monsoon, where the tourists have the chance to witness snow on the high pass in the early days of the monsoon season. They later melt as time passes to August. During the trek one can get wet in KulluManali with the downpour of rain, however, the sun will be bright in the Spiti valley.

If the tourists wish to experience the snowfall in this wonderful place, then it is a good idea to travel from September to mid-October. During this season temperatures will be quite low during the day as well as night.

So, when planning for a trek or have never trekked till now and want to experience, then don’t forget to mark Hampta Pass in your calendar, Enjoy the trek and add the beautiful trekking memories to your diary.