Lifestyle Changes to Make After Hernia Surgery

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Hernia can be a life complication if not treated straight away. More common in men, hernia is when there’s a serious strain on muscular tissues that often results in rupturing of the tissues that keep the muscles in place. My brother developed hernia in his late thirties, his mysterious diagnosis led to my interest in hernia. On his treatment from one of the top andrologists in Rawalpindi, I learnt quite a lot about how hernia can be dealt with.

There are several kinds of hernia. The most common among men are;

  • Inguinal hernia. This is most common in men, where the intestines push through the abdominal region. This is also one of the most sensitive kinds of hernia that can damage the stomach cavity.
  • Hiatal Hernia. This is where stomach muscle bulges through the chest region.
  • Incisional Hernia. This kind of hernia usually happens after surgery. The intestines will bulge through the incision point.

Hernia does not have one definite cure, and while the symptoms of their hernia can be controlled no permanent cure can be promised over time. Surgery is often the last resort for correcting hernia. If you are not comfortable with the idea of hernia surgery, there are definite lifestyle changes that can help you with hernia problems.

1. Avoid any Strenuous Lifting

At the very start of your condition, you have to avoid anything that places strain on your muscles, especially your abdomen region. You should by all means avoid heavy lifting that puts any sort of pressure on your muscles around your hernia region. If there has been any hernia repair or you are feeling any discomfort you should leave that activity completely. Most doctors recommend certain exercises. Not every exercise is for you if you are going through hernia repair.

2. Make Healthier Lifestyle Choices

While dietary changes cannot necessarily prevent hernia, they will help you maintain a healthy body weight which is important when you are trying to take care of your hernia problems. Increased weight can actually risk your chances of recurring hernia. You also should avoid acid reflux that can be due to the many unhealthy eating habits most people opt. This is also one of the main reasons why most men experience hernia problems due to acid reflux issues.

3. Incorporate Light Exercise Regimen

Slight regular exercising is another way of staying on with your weight avoiding any unnecessary pressure at your hernia site. Often doctors recommend certain exercises for people who have hernia problems. The mix and match of the right kind of exercises can also strengthen your muscles around your hernia.

Why is exercise important? The main issue in hernia is weak muscles of your abdomen region. Incorporating exercises that are not strenuous or heavy lifting, can actually strengthen your muscle overtime.

3. Quit Smoking

Smoking is a major risk factor of hernia as people who smoke often experience the ‘smoker’s cough’. Due to the repetitive behaviour that puts pressure on muscles and can damage your hernia overtime. If you are a chain smoker, you should find a replacement to your smoking habit to break it overcome your problem over time

4.  Regularly visit your doctor

Once you have had hernia recovery you need to visit your doctor from time to time. There will be changes in your healthcare regimen from time to time. If you have undergone a hernia surgery, the very first year of your surgery you will need to visit your primary care physician periodically. Doctors in Valley Clinic encourage men to report any symptoms after your hernia surgery immediately.

Dietary Changes After Post-Surgery

In case of hernia surrey dietary options can be limited by the doctor. Certain interventions of food are avoided as they can aggravate the inflammation of the esophagus due to the already inflamed stomach region. Each case has different dietary requirements however in most cases a full complete  liquid diet is recommended. Some of the foods that most recommended for people with fresh surgery are;

  • Milk- if you are sensitive to cow’s milk, there are other varieties of milk recommended such as almond, soy and rice milk.
  • Greek yogurt. You can also add soft mushy fruits if for better taste.
  • Sherbet
  • Ice cream. A light blend of vanilla is a safe option. Chocolate should be avoided in such condition.
  • Puddings
  • Creamed vegetables
  • Soups (not very hot, but warm and light)
  • Natural drinks (avoid anything citrusy or acidic)

Be Careful..

Being mindful of your diet should be of utmost importance after you have undergone heavy surgery. Reduce as many foods as you can to avoid accumulation of stomach gas or any acid reflux in your gut health. Remember, hernia may seem like a complicated problem, but small mindful measures can actually help you prevent further complications with it.