How to Find Your Style and Save Money

Your Style

We all crave that ideal version of ourselves, the version with a confident sense of style and the ability to look put together any day of the week. It’s easy to blame a lack of funds for our dissatisfying clothing options when we see celebrities and influencers flaunting their designer goods. However, having personal taste doesn’t need to cost you all your money. There are many aspects of building a unique and individual wardrobe, and none of them rely on having a bursting bank account. Here are just a few helpful tips to inspire you to dress the way you want without wasting your money.

Create a Mood-Board for Your Style

Mood-boards are an effective and enjoyable way to visualize ideas before committing to them. Instead of rushing to the mall and spending too much money, you give yourself time to contemplate your goal, namely, enhancing your style without breaking the bank. There are several ways you can create your style mood-board. It should be a fun and creative process, so don’t worry about sticking to a template or copying someone else’s idea of inspiration. Here are a few ideas to help you get started:

  • Cut out photos from catalogs and magazines that appeal to you. At this point, don’t consider whether or not these types of clothes are something you could see yourself in; the purpose of the mood-board is to gain a greater understanding of your honest tastes and preferences.
  • Visit websites like Pinterest or Instagram and save images digitally – this is the internet equivalent of the above suggestion.
  • Include references to styles or types of clothing you dislike. By doing this, you can learn in more detail what kind of wardrobe you want to create for yourself.

Reflect on Your Current Wardrobe

Before throwing yourself into a new style, it’s a good idea to take a look at what’s already in your closet. What do you reach for most often? What items are usually ignored, forgotten or tried, then rejected? Cast your critical eye over these categories of clothing and decide where you find personal value. What shapes, cuts, colors, patterns, fabrics do you prefer, and which do you rarely wear? Keep these factors in mind when venturing out to track down new items.

Avoid Aspirational Clothing

When choosing what to add to your wardrobe, a costly and common error is buying something you hope will one day make you feel like your ideal self. Hoping that one day you will lose weight or become the kind of person to wear high heels every day is not only unrealistic, it’s expensive. You’ll feel pressured by the sight of these items in your closet every time you get dressed and choose to wear something else. Instead of adding this unnecessary emotional burden, opt for clothes you know you’d be happy to wear immediately.

Find Deals

Buying clothes can quickly create a large dent in your finances if you aren’t careful. Even if you don’t go for designer products, over time, the spending will add up. That’s why it’s important to keep an eye out for deals like The Styled Collection Coupon so you can find items you love without spending too much money. Either seeking coupons or waiting until a good deal arises is also a great way to delay gratification and train yourself to be a more disciplined shopper.

Accessorize Thoughtfully

Once you’ve started to build a solid base of wardrobe essentials that you feel good wearing, now’s the time to accessorize. Secondhand or imitation jewelry will look just as good as its expensive counterparts. Something as simple as a belt or well-matched socks and scarf can elevate an outfit without the need for a hefty price tag.

Learn to Thrift

Thrifting is an excellent way to create your own style without overspending. Become familiar with your local thrift stores and learn which days are best for your visits. Finding hidden gems is a thrill not only for fashion-lovers but for money-savers too. You’ll discover unique pieces to add that extra layer of individuality to your wardrobe when you aren’t reliant upon chain store fast-fashion brands.

Consider Comfort

Another vital element of curating your personal style is taking into consideration the emphasis you want to put on comfort. We all have varying comfort levels, and within those, some people are happier to withstand slight discomfort if it means feeling confident and well-dressed, whereas others feel more themselves when their bodies aren’t restricted. Decide for yourself where you fall on this continuum before wasting money on clothing pieces that don’t match your comfort values.

Invest for the Long Run

One of the best and yet most often overlooked ways to save money when it comes to buying clothes is investing in items that will last for many years. While in the short term, you can spend less by choosing more affordable clothing, these items tend to cost less because they are not made with the same level of care as some more expensive items. This doesn’t mean that affordable clothes can’t be high quality or that expensive clothes are always reliable, but if you want to save money, investing in a few key items is a great way to start.

Finding your style doesn’t need to cost everything. Take your time, do some research and enjoy the process.