How Do I Check Ink Levels On Epson Printers?

how to check the ink levels on Epson printer

Seiko Epson Corporation, widely recognized as Epson, is a Japanese electronics company majorly responsible for manufacturing computer printers and information and imaging-related equipment. The company’s headquarters lie in Japan and hold various subsidiaries worldwide. Their printers are equipped with high-end Japanese technology, including inkjet dot matrix, and laser printers, desktop computers, scanners, business, multimedia, and home theatre, among many other products it manufactures. The Epson printers are efficient, productive, and comprehensive to use. These printers are jam-packed with multiple features to help make the entire printing experience much more manageable. These printers highly satisfy printing demands by offering excellent speed and significantly fulfilling performance. You will find the steps on how to check the ink levels on Epson printer in this blog.

Why Check Ink Levels On Epson Printers

Since all printers require refills in ink cartridges as they run out of ink, it is necessary to check the ink levels on your printers to make sure that it doesn’t function with no ink. With every print, the ink levels depreciate, and the printers need a change of ink cartridges after a number of prints – which mainly varies from printer to printer. It is vital to know the steps on how to check ink levels on Epson printers to know how much ink one has in their printer to determine when to change them. All printer owners need to have an eye on the printer’s ink levels to determine when they need to change or refill the ink.

Steps To Check The Ink Levels On Epson Printer 

Any user can check these ink levels on their computers or laptops using the instructions mentioned in this blog. Please note that to know how to check printer ink levels Epson, you will require implementing the steps below on your computer in the same order as mentioned below. 

  • Open your computer or laptop and sign in if necessary. 
  • Either press the windows key on the keyboard or click on the Start option placed on the taskbar of the computer screen.
  • Please click on the Settings option to open the settings folder on the screen from the Start menu. 
  • Alternatively, you can open the sidebar on your computer screen by pressing the Windows key and X key together. 
  • Please click on the Settings option to open the settings on your computer or laptop from the sidebar.
  • A new window of all the settings on your computer should open on the screen where you can access all necessary information on your computer. 
  • Locate and click on the Devices and Printers option from the control panel to open all associated printers and devices to your computer 
  • Navigate the Epson printer on the screen in the Devices & Printers window; please make sure that it’s the same printer that you want to check the ink levels of 
  • If you have multiple printers in the same area, please use the model number to identify the desired printer on the screen. 
  • Once you find the Epson printer on the screen, please ensure that there is no error sign next to the Epson printer logo.
  • No error sign indicates that there is no potential problem at current in the printer. 
  • If there is, please work towards fixing the problems 
  • Next, right-click the icon of your Epson printer to open a drop-down menu on the screen and then choose the printing preference option. 
  • A new window will open on the screen when you click on the printing preference option; please choose the Maintenance (or utility) tab from the printing preference window. 
  • Locate and click on the Status Monitor 3 icon to open it on the screen 
  • As there should be no existing errors, the window should show the amounts of ink available on your Epson printer in the form of bars.
  • You can comprehend how much ink your printer has and when would you require refilling them.

Using the steps mentioned above on how to check printer ink levels Epson, you can check the remaining ink levels on your Epson printer. To check the ink levels on the Epson printer, you will require Status Monitor 3 on the computer. Please note that it is necessary to refill the ink before it entirely runs out as empty ink cartridges can cause the printhead nozzle to pull in the air instead of the ink, which further damages the printer or may cause permanent damage to the printhead nozzle.

Since the printhead nozzle is an essential part of the printer and requires maintenance. It’s necessary to keep good care of the same and change the ink cartridges now and then. Due to the same reason, it is best to keep a check on your printer’s ink level to ensure that you do not entirely run out of it. Furthermore, please always use genuine ink cartridges by trusted sellers, as ingenuine ink can also disrupt the printer’s functionality. You can find additional information on our website,