Happy Period Day Tips for Relieving Menstrual Cramps

happy period day

Body pain may be a common problem during periods. But with this, there are several changes within the behavior of girls . They feel irritability, anger, tension, fatigue, etc. Because lately they need to travel through unbearable pain. In such a situation, if you understand the changes occurring within the body during period days, you’ll be able to reduce your discomfort to an excellent extent. Around 65 percent of girls experience uneasy these days because of changes in hormones.

Along with this, symptoms like vomiting, tiredness, headache, gas formation, lightweight gain, and xerostomia also are encountered. But 35 percent of girls don’t have such symptoms. consistent with experts, this problem is additionally psychological because at this point because of fluctuations within the level of hormones, women have different types of feel. Reason – some women experience gas within the stomach and a few vomit.

In such a situation, women need to maintain menstrual health. With this, Happy Period Day is widely known on 5th February every year to be aware of this. In such a situation, if you furthermore may feel uncomfortable during your periods, then you need to follow below period day tips for relieving menstrual cramps.

Easy Happy Period Day Tips:

1. Drink plenty of water

During periods, water should be drunk heavily to keep the body fit and fine. Apart from this, you can also consume juice or soup as per your choice. This will clean the stomach properly and relieve the problem of gas formation.

2. Eat dry fruits

Dry fruits are rich in vitamins. In this case, its use plays a major role in preventing premenstrual symptoms. Along with this, get rid of the troubles caused by periods.

3. Make fruits and green vegetables included in the diet

Good food and nutrition-rich diet play a major role in overcoming the pain during period days. As for a happy period, one should also have good food & nutrition special during these quarantine daysThese days require special care of diet. To keep the body right, green vegetables and fresh fruits should be consumed daily, especially during periods. In fruits, kiwi, strawberries, watermelon, etc., which are rich in vitamin C, should be eaten. They absorb iron from foods, which are very important during periods.

4. Chocolate keeps the mood good

Chocolate is something that almost everyone loves to eat. Eating this helps in keeping the body energized and keeping the mood right. It proves to be an artisan in calming anger and maintaining a pleasant mood.

5. Make a distance from things with fat and sugar

During your period days, you should avoid consuming more fat and sugar-rich things. Consuming these things can lead to the problem of gas. Also, tiredness and heaviness in the body are felt. Sometimes vomiting is also felt in a situation.

6. Drink herbal drinks

These days, drink herbal tea to make the body relax and fresh. You can drink herbal tea of ​​different flavors. Drinking it also provides relief from pain and muscle cramps occurring in the period.

7. Morning walk

To keep the body fresh, go for a daily morning walk. Walking in the morning provides fresh oxygen to the body. Blood circulation is faster. Along with this, it helps in getting the nutritious elements found in food. If you cannot go to the morning walk somewhere, then take a short walk at any time throughout the day. Also, do exercises and yoga for at least 30 minutes.

8. Omega 3

Omega 3 fatty acids are mainly present in fish such as walnuts, salmon, and sardines. By eating this, the hormones of the body remain balanced. All body parts work correctly.

9. Take rest

During periods there is a lot of weakness in the body. So sit for some time relaxing so that the muscles can relax.