Government Sanctions For Permanent Commission Of Women Officers In Indian Army

permanent commission of women officers

The last path for permanent commission of women officers in the Indian Army has also been cleared. Following the Supreme Court’s decision, the Defense Ministry on Thursday approved the proposal for permanent commission (PC) of women in all fields of the army except the combat unit. With the move of the government, women will now be posted in the top posts of the army.

Ten Army Departments Got Approval For Permanent Commission

As per the order issued by the Ministry of Defense, women service officers of the Short Service Commission have been allowed permanent commission in all the ten units of the army. Accordingly, permanent commission (PC) will be available in Army Air Defense, Signal, Engineer, Military Aviation, Electronics, Mechanical Engineering, Army Service Corpus, Ordinance Corpus, and Intelligence Corpus. There was already an option for permanent commission (PC) of women in the Judges and Advocates General, Army Educational Corpus units.

Women Officers Will Get The Right To Play A Big Role

On the notification to give women their rights, the Army issued a statement saying that the Indian Army is fully prepared to give all women officers a chance to serve the country. After the official approval of the Ministry of Defense, women officers have got the right to play a big role.

To make this process forward, the Army Headquarters has also started the initiative to create a permanent selection board. The selection board will be constituted as soon as possible to fulfill the required documents to all women officers of the Short Service Commission. According to the Army, it is committed to providing equal opportunities to all personnel including women officers.

However, women in the units associated with front-line combat operations are excluded from the permanent commission. The Supreme Court, in its decision too, had given the opinion to keep women separate from the combat operation.

Till Now The Service Period Of Women Officers Was 14 Years

Under SSC, women officers are initially taken for a period of five years, which can be extended up to 14 years. The permanent commission will allow them to serve until retirement age. For departments like Air Defense, Engineering, Signals, and Services, the Army recruits women officers under SSC and they can serve for a maximum of 14 years.

Last year, the Ministry of Defense decided in principle to give permanent commission for lady officers in departments like Signal, Engineering, Army Aviation, Army Air Defense and Electronics, and Mechanical.

SSC Ready To Release Permanent Commission Of Women Officers

It was decided that SSC women officers would be considered for grant of permanent commission based on availability and suitability of vacancies, performance, medical fitness, and competitiveness of candidates. The three armies have allowed permanent recruitment of women in select departments, including medical, education, legal, signal, logistics, and engineering.

Women officers recruited through SSC in the Indian Air Force have the option of receiving permanent commissions in all departments except the flying branch. The Navy has allowed permanent commissioning of women in departments such as logistics, naval designing, air traffic control, engineering, and legal.

The Supreme Court Issued An Order In February

It is known that there was a long-standing demand for giving permanent commission to women in the army. In February, the Supreme Court had reprimanded the government in this case and ordered its implementation in three months. The Supreme Court had approved the permanent commission of women in the army, saying that all citizens should be given equality of opportunity and opportunity for gender justice.