Government Extend Work from Home Till 31 December 2020 for IT Companies

work from home till 31 December

Since March, India’s IT industry has moved over 90% of its 4.3 million workforces to work remotely during Covid-19 imposed lockdown. During this global pandemic outbreak, many of the IT and ITes companies are operating their work from home. Many employees shifted back to home to work efficiently. It’s been imposed since March 2020; employees are working hard and giving their best to provide the same level of efficiency as in the office. 

Employees are the real assets of the Company

  • As we know that employees are the real assets of the company. There is little question about the very fact that human asset is the key intangible for any organization. In today’s dynamic and continuously changing business world, it’s the human assets and not the fixed or tangible assets that differentiate a corporation from its competitors. Today’s knowledge economy distinguishes one organization from another with the only most vital and powerful factor that’s the Human Resources (HR) or Human Assets.
  • Employees leaving an organization could be replaced physically; however, their skill-sets and knowledge can’t be exactly replaced by the person replacing them, as each individual possesses a special skill-set and knowledge. It’s documented by the business decision-makers that the skill of employees accounts for 85% of a company’s assets. Employee efficiency and talent determines the pace and growth of organizations.
  • Besides this the foremost perfect and provable example stating employees’ values within the company. During this lockdown, many of the IT companies and other companies suffered from a financial crisis, but there are many companies and IT cells running with their usual pace and growth. The most important factor behind this is often an employee’s diligence and efforts.

Government extends work from home till 31 December

Keeping in a note the security of employees are on first priority the govt on Tuesday said – “it’s extended connectivity norms for IT and BPO companies to do work from home during coronavirus pandemic“. Earlier the ITian’s were alleged to do operate remotely till 31 July 2020. But graphing out the present situation and meeting with the Ministers, GOI has decided to make employees work from home till 31 December.

All the workers are welcoming the decision taken by the government and are happy with the IT work from home news appreciating the govt work on the safety of employees.

IT and ITes companies cheered the move

“Thank you to the Govt for his or her tremendous support on the new ways of performing from day 1. This has helped tremendously in further elevating our standing and responsiveness globally,” tweeted Rishad Premji, chairman of Wipro.

India’s IT industry has been asking the govt to make permanent the relaxations to permit employees to work from home in order that companies are ready to optimize their existing assets and quickly adopt a blended model of remote working and from the office.