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Solarmovie Alternatives

You will hardly find a person who does not like watching movies. Almost everybody appreciates good movies in some way or the other. There’s nothing like a good movie after a hard day at work to take the edge off. Gone are the days when one had to watch movies in theatres or wait for it to be available on cable. The recent smart technology boom has given rise to many a streaming platforms where one can watch movies form the comfort of their home on their smart devices. But many of these platforms are paid and hence not affordable to the average cinephile. These circumstances opened up avenues for many free streaming websites like solarmovies and solarmovies alternatives.

As an user, you get a full streaming experience without paying anything. Solarmovie used to host a range of content from movies to TV shows, from documentaries to Video recordings. But as its said, once something gets too popular it attracts negative attention. Soon solarmovie was banned for hosting content in violation of copyright laws. Its loyal users cannot access the website anymore and hence depend on best 11 solarmovie alternatives for their movie watching needs.  

Before we begin let us look at few mirror sites of solarmovie and few VPNs you can use to unblock those websites. Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) are a great resource when it comes to unblocking banned websites.

Top 5 VPN Services

  • ExpressVPN
  • Surfshark
  • NordVPN
  • ProtonVPN
  • IPVanish

List of solarmovie mirror sites


Best 11 Solarmovie Alternatives

  1. Fmovies


Free websites generally have a lot of popups but Fmovies has none. In that way it is the best website. Granted it has few ads running on its pages but as long as you don’t click on them, you will be fine. They offer great speed for streaming movies and popular American TV shows. They have every content of theirs sorted neatly in categories such as release date, genre, country, artists etc. All of these amazing features for no signup at all. Fmovies does not require you to enter any credentials or personal information to login to their website.

They are capable of giving solarmovie a run for their money. They are a must try website.

  • Allmovie


Allmovie has a powerful user interface and a robust search engine which makes navigation and search very easy for the user. They have a huge collection of movies and TV shows and this feature really comes in handy. They have also commissioned a lot of articles related to movies on their website. These articles along with box office listing can help an user select the best preferred movie for themselves. They have large thumbnails which prove it easier to select movies as well. All in all they are a very customer centric movie streaming platform.

  • CmoviesHD:

Website: and

If you’re someone who easily gets agitated with popups and ads running in the background, CmoviesHD is just made for you. They can really enhance your movie watching experience because they do not contain any kind of ads on their website. They have a neat and clean design with an easy to navigate user interface.

Like most of the free streaming websites, CmoviesHD is completely free to use and do not require any form of registration. All the movies and tv shows have summarised details like director, story, actors, ratings etc under their thumbnail. One can easily change the video quality according to their choice and can view movies in prints form CAM to full HD.

  • Bmovies:


Bmovies has almost all the features same as solarmovie. The movies are well categorised into tabs based on country, rating, genre, actors etc. just like solarmovie, even Bmovies do not require any kind of registration. Regarding their service, they house a huge collection of movies and TV shows and you will be spoilt for choice. They provide more than one streaming server which indicates that their streaming services are smooth. The only issue with this website is that it can ruin the experience with few ads popping all around the place. Though that might sound like a severe issue, it still is a good alternative to solarmovie.

  • Gostream


Supposedly for some reason, all the websites mentioned above are not working, you can try Gostream. It is very similar to the original solarmovies ru in a way that both are ad free websites. This immensely enhances the movie streaming experience. One small quirk is that most often users get confused between the download option and watch now option. Just click on the play button after selecting the movie you wish to watch.

They provide you with a server link to watch your movie. If this server link is broken, you might have to try another website. Though they do not provide a huge collection of movies and tv shows, they more than makeup for it with the fact that they have the same features as solarmovie like free signup, no ads and superfast streaming.

  • Yify.TV


The creators of Yify have reserved the website only for movies, not TV shows or documentaries. This has been purposely done to enhance the movie watching experience. You can refer to other websites on the list for watching anything other than movies. Yify puts out movie recommendations on their homepage in form of ‘popular’ or ‘favoured’ movies.

They have a massive collection of movies neatly categorised in tags like genre, actors, latest releases, countries, IMDB ratings etc. These are one of the only few websites which provide movies in 21+ languages. They even have resources for you to download movies of your choice. So, they allow for high definition streaming as well as no fuss, completely free downloads.

  • Yesmovies


Yesmovies is touted as the real alternative for solarmovie. They are said to be almost similar to solarmovie in the sense that it offers the same user friendly features as them. Movie and series lovers are always praising this website for it being a good alternative to solarmovie.

  • Primewire

Website: and

If you are still looking for sites like Solarmovie, look no further than primewire. Primewire does require you to signup on their website but they do not seek your credit card details. To get started you need to create a free account on the website, which is pretty easy. Just fill out all the details and after submitting, your free account is ready to use. Primewire is a premium website and they have many features similar to streaming giants like Netflix and Amazon Prime.

Primewire shows the users trailers of the movies so that they can decide the best movie for themselves. They have really well sorted library of movies where everything is sorted in categories of IMDB ratings, Genre, Release Date, Date Added and Featured. They display the ratings and reviews on the top for easy reading of the user. Primewire is a great free tool for both Bollywood and Hollywood movie lovers.

  • 123movies:

Website: &

123movies is a great one pit stop for all kinds of things to watch in one place. They host movies, TV shows, documentaries, anime etc in one place. This makes it easier to find all your viewing needs in one place and you do not need to remember the names of many streaming websites. That is the unique selling point of this website. Despite their huge collection, if you find out that the show of your choice is not available on the website, you can simply put in a request with the Support team to make that particular show available for you.

They take the needs of their customers very seriously and hence are one of the best in the market currently. They allow the users to do on-site ratings and reviews of their content. This can come in real handy for new customers. Their streaming quality is impeccable when compared to similar websites.

  • IOMovies:


IOmovies are a great address to get your watching needs in one place. They let us stream movies and shows in high quality on their website for free of cost. They have all the features that most similar websites to solarmovies have, which offer the best video and streaming quality. Despite having so many interesting features, they tend to have few flaws as well. They have really bad sorting or filter functions and they can come riddled with many ads. Avoid misleading buttons like Download in HD or Stream in HD. Apart from that, you should be just fine.

  • Putlockers2

Website: &

This user friendly website is the new successor to the previously popular Putlockers TV. We have saved the best for the last in our list of internet sites like solarmovie. They have a massive library of content all neatly organised. Also they are completely free to use and do not require any kind of signup. They do however come with one setback. Their streaming quality has suffered quite a lot since last time. Streaming quality is something that can not ne really compromised with. But fret not because you have 10 other streaming websites you can use as an alternative to solarmovie.