Russia Gets Orders Of One Billion Corona Vaccine Doses From 20 Countries

First Corona Vaccine In World

Russia’s Corona vaccine ‘Sputnik V’ has been sought by more than twenty countries after its coronavirus vaccine successful trial. Kir ill Dmitryev, head of the Russian Direct Investment Fund (RDIF), says twenty countries have demanded millions of doses of the vaccine. According to Kirill, those seeking include Latin American, Middle East and some Asian countries. Deal has also been done with some. He also said that the third phase of the trial will be held in UAE and other countries including Saudi Arabia.

 Russia Development Investment Fund or RDIF (Russia’s sovereign wealth fund) finances the production of the “Sputnik V” in Russia on the basis of production capacities of its portfolio companies, R-Pharm and Binnopharm, a part of the Alium Group, according to Russian government statement.

RDIF has seen strong global interest in the vaccine and plans to conduct Phase 3 clinical trials in several countries, including Saudi Arabia , United Arab Emirates (UAE), Brazil, India and Philippines, and begin production in other countries in partnership with local sovereign wealth funds, including India, South Korea and Brazil, also as, in Saudi Arabia , Turkey and Cuba, consistent with the statement.

500 Million Doses Will Be Made In Five Countries

Kirill said that – After Covid 19 vaccine successful trial,  Corona Vaccine Russia now produce 500 million doses of vaccine every year in five countries with the help of foreign partners. He appealed to all countries to move forward in saving their lives by applying high quality and safe vaccines to their people.

The effect of the vaccine will last for two years. Health Minister Mikhail Muraskho claimed that the vaccine will be completely safe from corona for two years. Deputy Prime Minister Tatyana Govikova said that this vaccine will start being administered to doctors this month. Director of Gamalaya Institute Prof. Alexander Gintzberg said in May, he and the researchers have tested the vaccine on their own.

Russia Completes Its Coronavirus Vaccine Successful Trial On Humans 

Putin said that one of his daughters also participated in the trial of this vaccine. After the first stage vaccination, her body temperature was 38 ° C, while the next day it was 37 ° C. After the second phase of the vaccine, his body temperature increased slightly but everything went well later. She is feeling well now. Russia completes its coronavirus vaccine successful trial on humans  after report of putin’s younger daughter.

Order Of 1 Billion Doses From 20 Countries

Kirill Dimitrij, head of the Russian Direct Investment Fund, the funding agency for the Russian Corona vaccine project, said orders for making one billion doses were received from 20 countries for this vaccine.

20 countries including India had expressed interest in obtaining the Sputnik V, including the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Indonesia, Philippines, Brazil, Mexico. He also said that industrial production of this vaccine is likely to begin from September. However, it is not yet clear which countries have placed orders for this vaccine.

Mass Production Preparations For Coronavirus Vaccine

In a meeting with government officials, Putin said that this vaccine of the Corona virus is working effectively and that it is creating stable immunity. Putin also said that I hope that we will be able to start mass production of this drug in the near future, which is very important. Murashko has said that – Russia first coronavirus vaccine in world will begin to be produced at two sites – the Gamaleya Research Institute and the company Binnopharm.

Production can take place from September on a large scale

Currently, this vaccine has been prepared on a limited scale. If its regulatory approval has been received, then the industrial level of this vaccine can start from September. Russia has said that it can start vaccinating nationwide from October.

Many Scientists Including America Suspect the Vaccine

Many scientists around the world, including the US, are skeptical of Russia’s move in terms of security and questioning the decision to register the vaccine before the Phase III trial. Phase III testing of any vaccine typically lasts for thousands of months. US Health Minister Alex Azar said that more important than making the world’s first vaccine is to make a safe and effective vaccine.

WHO Warns Russia

The World Health Organization (WHO) has already warned Russia, given the continuing apprehensions over a compromise with security. The WHO last week suggested to Russia to stick to its stated standards for the development of safe and effective vaccines.