We aim to protect the rights of actual copyright owners as we tend to take any form of copyright violation very seriously.

If something that features on our website bothers you because you own the copyrights to that intellectual property and haven’t authorised its use by anyone, do make us aware of it in writing. The written grievance will be utilised to address your issue and take necessary action.

Please note that a written complaint is necessary to initiate any kind of action against the aggressor and without it we would be unable to take any form of action. The letter must be addressed to our Copyright Agent and should contain the following details.

  1. Signature of the person allotted to represent the owner of the copyright that is being violated.
  2. An identification copy of the supposedly stolen copyrighted material. If there are multiple  violations, then a representative list of all of infringements need to be provided.
  3. Any information which can help us locate the content which is violating the copyrights. Some form of identification that can point to material which is supposed to be the aggressor.
  4. Contact information of the complainant which can include an address, phone number or an email. This is required to get in touch with the complaining party.
  5. A written statement by the complainers confirming that they have in fact never authorized the use of their copyrighted material to anyone, including the aggressor. It must also be ascertained that the right has not been granted by agents acting on the complaining party’s behalf or the law.
  6. A written statement clarifying that the complaining agents are authorized by the owner of the allegedly copyrighted material. It must confirm that all the material in the notification are correct, failing to do which the complaining party maybe liable to perjury.

All the written documents to be forwarded to our Copyright Agents at