Different Types of Test Conducted During The Selection Process

technical skills test

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As we all know that the competition in staying in the market is increasing with the passage of each day. Whether it is sustaining in the market or entering it as an employee or entrepreneur. All need to get themselves ready for everything. Nowadays it is seen that for each job vacancy the companies get so many applicants for that. So to make the process of selection very streamlined, there is the requirement of technical skills test that will help the company to know more about the candidates. Even these tests will help in the selection of the best candidate for the job vacancy.

When it comes to the selection procedure, different companies opt for different tests that every candidate needs to go through. The results of the test will help in shortlisting the candidates that will be called for final interview or joining. Here is the list of different types of tests conducted by the company. Let’s have a look at them.

  • Job knowledge test: This test helps in measuring the candidate’s technical expertise in the field in which the job profile is. For example, the company is hiring an accountant, then the candidate will have to go through this test so that the company can know that the specific candidate is knowing the things for which his being hired for. This test helps to identify those candidates that have the knowledge that can help them to do their duty well. It is quite obvious that there is a difference in theory and practical things but the individual should have the capability to learn all these things and apply them in real work.
  • Integrity tests: The story of the selection process of every candidate starts from the pre-employment test. This helps the company to know about the candidate whether he will be loyal towards the company and disciplined towards the work. While conducting this test some direct questions are being asked by the employer about integrity and ethics. The candidate has to carefully give answers to that questions. This test also helps the company to know that the candidate is a good performer at work. Even the chances of biasness are less in this type of test from others.
  • Cognitive ability test: This test helps the company to analyze the candidate based on the mental capacity. This test helps the analysis of the candidate with more accuracy. This test includes verbal, logical, and reasoning sort of things. To clear this exam the candidate must be clear about whatever he has studied till today. This test ensures that there is no discrimination done against any candidate. The people who have applied for the same job has to undergo the same set of questions. This is the reason it becomes the best guide.
  • Personality test: Nowadays for the growth of the company there is the hand of people with hardworking nature. So it is very important to test the candidates based on their personality. So that the company has a better idea of how the individual will react to the different set of situations and whether he can adjust himself in the company’s environment. The personality of the person either keeps him motivated or demotivate him. This test will help in analyzing the personality of the candidate and the company can check whether he is capable to fit in the company or not. 
  • Emotional intelligence test: This is the new type of test that helps in understanding the candidate nature that how well they can build relationships and understand the emotions of others. This is the very important thing that every professional must have in them so that they can build a good interpersonal relationship with their subordinates. This test will help in predicting the performance of the person in his job.
  • Technical assessment test: This is the type of test that does not focus on the knowledge but focuses on the actual skills of the person like communication skills etc. For example, one company is hiring someone for the post of a receptionist. If the candidate has all the communication skills like both verbal and written and has the management skills to arrange calls and meetings. This concludes that the specific candidate is good for the job profile. No doubt this test is a little time-consuming but some job profiles require this testing before recruiting so that there are fewer chances of the switch of employees.
  • Physical ability tests: Before recruiting the person, it is very important to get the candidate’s physical tests. Many job roles require strength and stamina to perform tasks. So it is very important to conduct this test so that mishappenings can be reduced at the workplace. Even these are the tests that cannot be faked at any cost. Mostly these tests are conducted by the doctor prescribed by the company. There they check both the mental and physical capability of the person and test that whether he/ she is fit for performing tasks or not.

So these are some of the sets of tests that help in the selection procedure. These tests help in saving the time of the HR team as people are analyzed on various grounds and after the results only they are called for the final interview. Many companies are taking the help of the recruitment software for conducting these exams. The company just needs to get the best software system for themselves, get it installed and after that, they can take full advantage of this. At the time of such competition, it is very important to take all the correct measures to get on the best results.

Human resources are very important for the overall working of the company. So all the necessary measures should be taken into consideration for selecting the best candidate at the right place. No doubt the process of selection might be very long but it is very important and after that the company can go with training needs analysis. Any carelessness in this procedure can lead to heavy damages to the company in the future. Every company whether big or small needs some of these tests at the time of recruitment.