Difference Between HVLP and Airless Paint Sprayers

Airless sprayers

It can be a bit confusing to decide between the Associated in HVLP sprayer or the airless Paint Spray.

The producers believe that a painter should own every spray. There are 3 items of kit that can only complete the painting duty.

They spray pressure washers, airless spray painter, and HVLP or and HVLP or high-volume, nonaggressive paint sprayer.

Airless and HVLP Differences

The main effective difference between these two sprays is the way the color is atoned when spraying. An airless spray does not use a compressor, but instead, it uses a pressure pump and piston to siphon the gun through a liquid line, forcing it through a small orifice in spray tip to atomize it.

An HVLP (high volume, low pressure) spray uses a compressor or a turbine to atom color. This spray holds color in a cup attached to the gun, or in a remote pressed container. Spray gun uses a liquid needle and nose, and uses a spray tip without an air.

Operative Basics

The HVLP paint sprayer is Associate in HVLP upgraded version of a standard sprayer. These are the most recent innovation within the line of spraying paint.

With Associate in HVLP paint sprayer, the piston pressurizes the fabric through a little gap. With the HVLP sprayer, air is pumped up from Associate in HVLP compressor or rotary engine for optimum atomization.

The most vital distinction is that with Associate in HVLP paint sprayer the high is made through the utilization of hydraulic pumps instead of with Associate in HVLP compressor.

Transfer Rate

Airless paint spray has a transfer rate of about five hundredth sprayers when HVLP spray is about ninth. That is, HVLP produces less waste than color spray.

Airless sprayers are additional powerful with regarding 2000 PSI of pressure that is what contributes to lots of the waste. HVLP sprayers can operate at close to ten PSI.

Material Density

When employing a kind of materials in your sprayer, it’ll be vital to grasp the variations between what they will handle.  Associate in HVLP paint sprayer handles high thus there’s no use to skinny the materials.

It ought to be able to handle most viscosities with ease.

An HVLP paint sprayer can’t handle thicker materials while not the right dilution needs. Victimization enamel latex paints are going to be troublesome as a result of HVLP sprayers don’t use high.

Paint Outcome

The HVLP sprayers feature higher atomization that the painting is going to be of a better quality and skilled wanting.

When you doing acting sensitive jobs, the victimization Associate in HVLP sprayer can provide you with higher performance than the other normal paint sprayer.

Time to complete Jobs

An Airless paint sprayer can use paint at regarding two gallons per minute. But the HVLP sprayers use so much less Associate in HVLP doesn’t have the speed that an airless paint sprayer can.

That is why many of us opt to use the paint sprayer versions once doing exterior painting come.


Airless paint sprayers are capable of handling way more paint materials with less dilution required. They’re usually transportable and may simply apply those thick paints to larger areas.

Within a moment, and airless paint sprayer can apply many gallons of paint. That’s why these models are fashionable contractors WHO got to paint giant surface areas quickly.

Using Associate in airless paint sprayer in a very slender house is often not counseled. It may be exhausting to regulate the spray pattern as simply with Associate in HVLP paint sprayer.


Airless paint sprayers tend to possess additional risk concerned than the HVLP versions. that’s owing to the high operative pressures and temperature.

They will additionally manufacture additional overspray. Before spraying, you may need to hide everything that you just don’t need paint on. this could embody your article of clothing and close items of piece of furniture.

Always scan the directions with the sprayer thus you’ll be able to follow the user manual’s safety precautions. it’s additionally informed wear a try of safety glasses.


Airless sprayers are cheaper than HVLP sprayers. If you have already got Associate in HVLP compressor, you may simply purchase the HVLP applier.

The higher value of Associate in HVLP paint sprayer system reflects the additional quality and strength that these sprayers associate with they often last longer and rise up to numerous abuses higher.