Delhi Metro Latest Update: Delhi Metro Reopening After Lockdown From September 7, 2020

Delhi Metro Latest Update

The wait to travel in Delhi Metro is over now. As per delhi metro latest update the Metro services will resume from September 7, 2020. Delhi Metro Rail Corporation tweeted after the guidelines issued by the central government that Delhi Metro reopen after lockdown and will resume its services from September 7, 2020 as per the unlock 4.0 guidelines released. After the detailed SOP is issued on the metro, information related to the Metro operation will be shared with the general public.

Financial Difficulties Will Be Less, Travelers Will Not Have To Wait

Auto, taxi, e-rickshaw and e-scooter drivers were eagerly waiting for the Metro services to start after a long time. Long after the commencement of services, the economic situation is expected to improve once again. Millions of passengers use different modes of transport to and from the metro station to the destination. Before the lockdown, about 27 lakh passengers used to travel daily in the Delhi Metro.

Due to the restrictions imposed in the Corona period, the number of passengers will be up to 25-30 percent. Metro services were stopped from 22 March 2020. After this, the services of buses, autos, taxis, and e-rickshaws were started after the concession in unlocked. But following the social distancing in buses, the number of passengers was reduced considerably. Everyday commuters have to wait for hours at the bus stop.

With the commencement of Metro services, all commercial vehicle owners including auto, cab, e-rickshaw will get an opportunity to earn. This will provide considerable relief to the vehicle owners who are facing financial difficulties during the lockdown. DMRC, which has suffered losses of more than 1300 crores till now, will also get a chance to overcome the financial difficulties with the start of services.

Delhi Metro Latest News : Only 38 Percent Gates Will Open

To avoid congestion, only 38 percent of the gates of Delhi Metro will be opened. If the number of passengers is high, one may have to wait for admission. Delhi Metro has already completed all preparations to prevent infection.

Noida Metro Will Also Start Operations

Along with Delhi, Noida Metro will also resume services on the Aqua Line from September 7. The Noida Metro Rail Corporation has said that as per the guidelines issued for Unlock 4.0, Noida Metro 7 will start its services on the Aqua line to the public from September 2020. The rules of Metro operation will be shared with the general public after detailed SOPs are issued on the metro.

Due to the Corona epidemic, Delhi Metro was closed for the last five months. At the same time, all types of business institutions were opened during the unlocking process, but metro and rail services were not started yet due to the increased risk of corona infection. Many people of NCR work in Delhi. With the introduction of Metro services again, they will no longer have to run into cabs, buses, or sharing cars.

Video Conferencing For Running The Metro By Metro Companies Across The Country

The Union Housing and Urban Affairs Ministry is going to conduct video conferencing with metro companies across the country to finalize the SOP of Metro operations. A senior ministry official said that the proposal of SOP has been sent to all metro companies including Delhi Metro. It will be discussed with all metro companies on September 1, 2020. All the Directors General of the Metro have been asked to study the SOP prepared by the Ministry. With this, he will be able to give his suggestions in a September meeting. A final SOP will be prepared based on this.