France Assigned The First Dassault Rafale Fighter Jet to The Indian Air Force

dassault rafale fighter jet

Indian Defence minister Rajnath Singh shakes hands with French Defence Minister Florence Parly during the ceremony marking the delivery of the first of 36 Rafale fighter jets destined for India, on October 8, 2019 at Dassault Aviation plant in Merignac. (Photo by GEORGES GOBET / AFP) (Photo by GEORGES GOBET/AFP via Getty Images)

On Thursday, France handed over the primary dassault rafale fighter jet to the Indian Air Force at Dassault Aviation in France. This has led to an incredible increase within the strength of the Air Force.

During this, Deputy Chief Air Marshal VR Chaudhary also flew in Rafael for about 1 hour. Small batches of Indian Air Force pilots are trained for French Air Force aircraft. At an equivalent time, the Indian Air Force will train 24 pilots in three separate batches by May 2020.

Significantly, in September 2016, the Modi government signed a affect with the French government and Dassault Aviation for 36 fighter Rafale fighter jets. This might not be reached during the UPA government as there was a deadlock between the two sides, especially in the matter of technology transfer. The Congress had accused PM Modi of corruption over the deal.

As the first consignment of Rafale fighter jets in India, five aircraft left from France on Monday and they have reached Al Dafra Airbase of UAE. It took seven hours for the planes to succeed in the UAE from France. These aircraft will fly from Al Dafra Airbase, then land directly in Ambala, India. Rafael fighter jet india, the world’s most powerful fighter , will reach India today as on 29 July,2020 between China and Tanatani in eastern Ladakh.

Indian Air Force fighter pilots will reach Ambala airbase today after covering an air distance of 7000 km. The present strength of the Indian Air Force are going to be greatly enhanced by Rafale as China and Pakistan don’t have the combat capability of this fifth generation fighter jet.

These aircraft are going to be fueled by French tankers at the UAE airbase. After this, the aircraft will travel further to Ambala Airbase. Rafale fighter planes from France are carrying 17 Golden Arrows commandant pilots. All pilots are trained by the French Dassault Aviation Company. He is going to inducted into the Air Force today at the Air Force Station in Ambala.

Dassault Rafale fighter Jet changes consistent with India

The aircraft were alleged to be delivered to India earlier in May, but due to Corona epedemic they were delayed by two months. India has six jets to satisfy within the first batch of Rafale planes. The primary Rafale aircraft was delivered to India in October 2019. India has also made some changes within the Rafale as per its requirement. It’s Israeli helmet mount display as well as many other features including radar warning receiver, low band jammer, ten hour flight data recording and tracking system.

Capable of hitting the bottom with air

In order to extend the firepower of dassault rafale fighter jet coming to India, preparations are being made to deploy the Hammer missile manufactured in France. This missile is capable of destroying even the strongest targets at a distance of 60 to 70 km. The Haile Agile Modular Munition Extended Range (Hammer) is an air-to-ground medium range missile. This missile was initially built for the French Air Force and Navy. With this missile, the Indian Air Force can precisely target enemy bunkers. The Scalp and Meteor missiles utilized in rafale fighter jet in india already landed.

Rafale Is From RB Series

The telephone numbers of Rafale’s trainer planes are going to be of the RB series in honor of Air Force Chief RKS Bhadauria. Bhadoria has played a crucial role during this deal of 36 fighter rafale fighter jet. India in 2016 signed a deal for these planes from France for 60 thousand crores. This is often the most important defense deal ever. The present Air Force Chief RKS Bhadoria was the Deputy Chief of Army Staff and he had led the Indian contingent within the deal.

Dassault Rafale fighter Jet on the way: Air-to-air refueling happened before reaching the country, Section 144 in 4 villages near Ambala airbase, crowd gathering on roof and photography stopped

India will get 5 Rafale fighter jets today i.e., 29 July 2020. Rafale is currently on the way. On Tuesday, air-to-air refueling was also wiped out the fighter plane. The Indian Air Force has thanked the French Air Force for his or her cooperation. The news agency was quoted by the Indian Air Force as giving it.

Meanwhile Section 144 has been implemented in 4 villages near Ambala airbase. During the landing of fighter jets, crowds of individuals gathered on the roofs and photography was also strictly banned. Police said that if anyone does this, strict action are going to be taken against him.

Air Force Chief Will Receive Rafael Fighter Jet In India

Air Chief Marshal Air Chief Marshal RKS Bhadauria will be in Ambala taday. Citing sources, the press agency said that Rafale fighter jet will fly from UAE’s Al-Dhafra airbase at around 11 am and reach Ambala at 2 pm. The Air Force Chief will receive these fighter jets at Ambala airbase.

Departed from France on Monday

The first batch of 5 Rafale fighter jets from France’s Marinec airbase left for India on Monday. The aircraft have stayed in the UAE to supply comfort to the pilots. This batch will reach India today itself i.e., on Wednesday 29 July,2020 after covering a distance of seven thousand km. The induction of those multi-role fighter jets will increase the strength of the Indian Air Force by leaps and bounds.

To be deployed in Ambala

The five Rafale fighter jet india are going to be deployed in Ambala. By deploying here, fast action are going to be taken against Pakistan on the western border. The 17th Squadron Golden Arrows will be the primary squadron of Rafael in Ambala. The Mirage 2000 came to a halt when it came to India, but Rafael would land directly at the Ambala airbase after a stop.