Russia Completes Its COVID-19 Vaccine Successful Trial On Humans; Report as “World’s First Vaccine”

COVID-19 Vaccine Successful Trial

The Novel Coronavirus Covid-19 has spread almost among every corner of the world. Each day 2L to 2.15L people are getting infected with this virus. Almost 4.75K to 5K deaths are getting registered worldwide every day. This year many people have lost their loved ones, their families, their kids. The life of people has been ruined with this virus. The whole world is hoping COVID-19 vaccine successful trial to take place in this lockdown situation. Many doctors, scholars, Scientists, professors are into their experiment of getting the anti-vaccine for curing Coronavirus. It is been seen from many months past that doctors, scholars, Scientists, and professors are busy getting the corona vaccine trial results .

Russia Marks its Successful Win Over Coronavirus

As we know that Everything has an end one day we born to die, we start to end so as this virus has its end. And the end of this virus has been registered with coronavirus vaccine successful trial on humans by Russian doctors. Five months into the global outbreak, the whole world was racing against time to prepare a vaccine for coronavirus.

Trials were underway in laboratories across the world with several companies and governments together putting their efforts to find a permanent cure for the deadly virus. Leaders and organizations across the world, except US, had already pledged $8 billion to research, manufacture and distribute a possible vaccine and treatments for COVID-19 apart from the individual efforts taken by the countries and its pharmaceutical firms.

Also stated that they are looking at what are the major developments of the coronavirus vaccine happening across the globe. In this Race, the Russian government and doctors mark their successful win over novel coronavirus after COVID-19 vaccine successful trial prepared by them.

Alexander Gintsburg told TASS Coronavirus vaccine will ‘enter civil circulation’ in August 

According to the sources, The head and chief researcher at Sechenov University Center for Clinical Research on Medications Elena Smolyarchuk told Russian news agency TASS that clinical trials of the vaccine on humans have been completed and study data showed the candidate’s effectiveness.

Alexander Gintsburg, Gamalei center’s director told TASS and assured that the vaccine will ‘enter civil circulation’ on August 12-14, adding that private companies may begin mass production by September, The Moscow Times reported.

How long it took to prepare COVID-19 Vaccine?  

The spread of novel coronavirus confirmed in Russia on 31 January 2020, when two Chinese citizens in Tyumen, Siberia, and Chita, Russian Far East tested positive for the virus, with both cases being contained. Russia has accounted for 7.4L cases with 11.5K of deaths till now. Daily 6to 7K cases get registered in Russia with 150-200 deaths on the tally.

Cases are rapidly emerging in the world but countries like India, Israel, the US, Russian all stand together to fight against this global pandemic attack. All countries’ government had made their most successful doctors and scholar into work to find the coronavirus. And with this Russia proves to the founder of ‘world first coronavirus vaccine’. It took over Five Months for Russia to reach to the human trial stage.

 The experiment regarding successful completion or win over the virus and make of vaccine to fight against coronavirus took over five months to reach the successful trials. The experiment put into under two phases:-

Phase- I – Trial on a small group of volunteers.

Phase – II -Trial on immune response in humans.

Therefore, the Russian government is eyeing to launch the vaccine in mid of aug this year successfully only after clean chit by WHO.