CarryMinati Youtube Channel Hacked, Hackers Aired Bitcoin

carryminati youtube channel

From social media to video streaming platforms, hackers have created a rage at the instant . Hackers have now targeted YouTube star “CarryMinati” aka Ajay Nagar’s channel after hacking the Twitter account of the many big people like – “Elon Musk”. CarryMinati Youtube channel “CarryisLive” has been hacked. This information has been given by YouTuber CarryMinati himself.

Youtuber Carryminati Notified Fans Through Instagram And Twitter

CarryMinati informed fans through his Instagram account and Twitter account about the concern. He tweeted and wrote, ‘YouTube India my channel CarryisLive has been hacked. I want immediate help.’ Apart from this, he warned fans through his Instagram story not to click on the link given below in the channel. Also, avoid the information being received on the channel. However, by the EOD youtuber updated his fans saying “My channel is now back with me! I don’t know who did it & why but thanks to youtube for their immediate support.

Bitcoin Scam Behind Hacking Of CarryMinati Youtube Channel

When Carryminati youtube hacked, a bitcoin advertisement was aired thereon . Aside from this, many contents associated with bitcoin were shown.The hacker even changed the channel description. Apart from this, videos with channel donation are inserted. In one video, the hacker is asking people for help with the floods in Assam and Bihar.

The Twitter accounts of celebrities like Bill Gates , Elon Musk, Apple, and Barack Obama were also hacked for bitcoin scams. The hacker appealed to people to take a position in bitcoin and double the cash .

Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency. Recently, when the Twitter account of big businessmen like Elon Musk was hacked, there were still mentioning about bitcoins. Fans became active on social media since Carrie’s channel was hacked. CarryMinati joins Twitter India’s Top Trending. People are sharing everything from memes to concerns.

Significantly, CarryMinati was also recently collecting relief funds for the Assam floods. Before that, he appeared in the issue of TikTok vs YouTube. He made a video roasting TikTok, which became the shortest most-watched video. However, YouTube later removed the video. There was heaps of ruckus on this.