6 Best Online Tools For Teachers In 2021

convert word to PDF

Writing and preparing notes of lessons are an essential part of a teacher’s life. To gain mastery of online teaching, you will need to polish your writing skills to ensure clarity, flow, precision, and substance.  

Although writing can be a bit time-consuming, certain online tools that make it easier and faster. Correcting and changing your grammar and spellings to organizing your work, these tools can simplify your life and improve your efficiency. Let’s look at eight of these tools. 

  1. PDFBear

As a teacher, you would not want your documents to be disorganized when transferred to your students. To ensure it stays in the same quality and arrangement, you will need to convert it to a PDF file or document. There are lots of tools online to convert Word to PDF, and PDFBear boasts exceptional quality in this regard.

 It converts your word document fast and still keeps it in good quality. It has lots of editing tools that help you work on your document. It also has a merge and splitting feature where you can merge two documents or split a single PDF into two.

  1. Hemingway

Hemingway is one of the most used online tools for writing. This tool helps you to learn to write efficiently. It highlights complex sentences, based on the level of complexity, making it easy for your students to understand. It also lets you know the number of adverbs used in your content as compared to the ideal number of adverbs to be used. It studies the use of passive voice in your writing to suggest paraphrasing sentences if need be. Hemingway is the one-stop solution for novices. It helps you make your writing more readable.

  1. Plagiarism Checker

Innovative and original content is highly valued. While one may get inspiration from the work or content of other writers, it is eminent that you produce original content. Plagiarism is considered a big offense in the world of writing. Duplicating someone else’s work without giving due credit is unacceptable. 

Therefore, ensure you run a plagiarism check before posting or uploading your work online. This tool helps you identify the parts of your work or writings that are plagiarized within seconds. You can either paraphrase those sentences or change them with your own words. 100% originality means that no plagiarism was detected in your work.

This is what you must aim at as a good teacher teaching online. You risk having a dent in your image if your students discover that you copied your coursework or content somewhere. It may lead to lawsuits too.

  1. Draft

The draft is an alternative to Google Docs and Microsoft Word. It is a web-based word processor that gives a distraction-free interface to its users. It has many similar features like google docs which include sharing your work with others and accepting or rejecting editings made by them. 

And you don’t have to worry about losing data on Draft. Your work is backed up and saved online. One fascinating thing about Draft is that it helps you improve your writing by tracking your daily word count goal. In case the word count for the day is not up to what is needed, it also sends helpful reminders reminding you to meet your goal. It is an amazing app that can improve the content of your courseware.

  1. Cliche Finder

As the name suggests, this tool assists you in finding clichés in your writings. You would not want to give your students’ course material full of cliches. So, to attract your students and readers, your content or document must be unique and attractive as students don’t enjoy boring materials.

What makes your writings unique from that of others is their originality. Using words or phrases that are too commonly used could reduce the readers’ interest in your work. Thus, this tool helps you find out clichés so that you can edit them. 

  1. Grammarly

If you have not heard about this tool yet, then you are definitely missing out! This is a proofreading tool and a must-have for all writers and online teachers. Grammarly is a big multipurpose writing tool that helps you edit your writing better. It helps you find grammatical errors and also incorrect spellings and even suggests a possible replacement. This one is highly recommended for both writers and teachers. This website is available as an application, a web-based tool, or even an extension. That is what makes this tool so efficient, convenient, and accessible to use! 

In Conclusion 

With these eight tools, you can create the perfect course materials for your student without the fear that they may not be able to understand or that may be boring them. The next time you’re preparing notes for an online lecture, do well to use any of these tools and rest assured that you are creating an amazing learning experience for your students.