Top 15 Best Kissanime Alternative Site For Watching Anime Movies

Best Kissanime Alternative Site

Anime movies have become a worldwide phenomenon in the recent years. With increasing viewership day by day, it is not just a sensation in Japan anymore. More and more people are showing interest in watching animes nowadays so the need for a good anime website has become paramount. Kissanime is one such great resource for anime movies lovers. Along with Kissanime website, we will take a look at few best Kissanime alternative sites as well.

 Kissanime’s website is beautifully designed and has a user friendly interface. It is quite easy even for new users to navigate the website. Most of the popular content is already available on the homepage. If you do not find your desired content, you can find it by searching for it in the search bar. You can then enjoy it from the search results. Maximum movies on the website are in Japanese language with the option of English subtitles. In addition there are also dubbed and subbed movies and TV series’. Kissanime site regularly updates its website with the latest content. However, the best thing about Kissanime is that it is absolutely free to use. The website does not require any log in or signup to stream its content.

Latest anime movies, anime TV shows, cartoons are all available in HD quality on Kissanime. They have the largest collection of all their competitors. Supposedly, they do not have some movie you can request them to upload it for you. The customer service of Kissanime is superb.

Benefit of Watching Animes on Kissanime

The most popular anime website, Kissanime has a lot of benefits over its peers. It doesn’t require its audiences to sign up to their website, practically allowing them to watch anime movies for free. This feature is not present on most anime streaming websites. Their website is very easy to browse and is well constructed. All the functions are available on the homepage and one wouldn’t get confused. Kissanime also has a sturdy customer feedback system. You can report a problem to them and it will be addressed and solved as soon as possible. They also allow you to request for a movie that is not available on their website. But that is hardly the case. They have a great collection of anime content.

Kissanime Sign Up or Account Creation

Kissanime make a lot of anime material available to the general public without charging anything. They are completely free of cost. That means one does not need to sign up or create an account with Kissanime. Although that is the case, one can still create an account and enjoy better facilities and add-ons.

Kissanime Unavailable

There are rumours making the rounds that Kissanime website is either down or is permanently closed. This has left millions of users worried about the future of Kissanime. Now their favourite site to watch latest updates of anime series is gone. Evidently, the rumours are all true. Due to some copyright infringement issues the Kissanime website is now unavailable for its users.

Is Kissanime Legal or Safe To Use?

The news of copyright infringement by Kissanime website might raise some questions in your mind. Was Kissanime illegal or unsafe to use? Afterall the issue of safety and legality is a big one for users and it always remains at the back of their minds.

Tackling one issue at a time, let’s talk about the safety aspect of Kissanime. Kissanime is a completely safe website to use. They give importance to the privacy of their users and hence do not ask for any credit card details, mobile number, email address or any other personal information.

Talking about their legality, they cannot be called exactly illegal. Though they do obtain most of their content illegally it does not pose any threat to the users.

Websites Similar to Kissanime

Since Kissanime is blocked now in many countries by their respective Internet Service Providers, people are in search of other websites similar in function. There are quite a few alternate websites to Kissanime in those countries, some even better. If you belong to a country where Kissanime is blocked, we present you a list of 15 websites which you can access for free to watch anime.

  • 9anime

The interface of 9anime is almost similar to Kissanime. They have the same features and user-friendliness. A large collection of anime movies and tv shows are available for your viewing pleasure. The movie library is updated regularly. Similarly a list of the newest arrivals is provided from time to time. Like Kissanime, this website does not require any registration as well. It is completely free for the users to use. This website can act as one of the best alternative for Kissanime to watch movies.

  • Ani Watcher

Ani watcher is probably one of the best alternatives to Kissamine available on the internet as of now. They provide a list of trending movies on their homepage. The homepage is easy to browse and has user friendly interface. They provide the latest shows with both the subbed and dubbed versions. They always upload their movies in HD quality. The website provides complete safety and privacy. Though no registration is required to view content on the website, you will need to register in order to comment.

  • A-Z Interface

A-Z Interface website provides the best video quality. They house a wide collection of shows, manga series, anime series and movies etc in high quality. Dubbed and subbed shows are also available for Non-Japanese audiences. Their clientele is from around the world. Their collection is categorised into genres like comedy, horror, action, adventure et al. a complete list of all available shows is provided by them. They also allow feedback in form of ratings and votes. It is completely safe and registration free as well. 

  • Anime Land

Anime land has the collection of latest anime shows which may not be available on other websites. They are considered the best in their field owing to the large quantity of shows available on their website. Their homepage has a beautifully designed and customer friendly interface which is easy to navigate. The website can even give Kissanime a run for their money in terms of safety, ease of use and collection. They too do not require any credit card credentials for registration.

  • Anime Planet

If you’re looking for the best Kissanime alternative site, then look no further. Anime planet should be your one pit stop. They recommend weekly shows as well as list almost 4000 popular anime shows on their site. They are easily accessible and easy to navigate. Like most other such sites, they too do not need any registration to stream or watch movies. You can easily look for what you want to watch in their search option. As a company that was just established in 2001 they have come a really long way in terms of the services that they provide. In terms of quality they provide HD movies and in all genres.

  • GoGoAnime

This safe to use site is one of the best alternatives to stream anime shows online. They recommend trending shows in their homepage for people new to the website. It is very convenient for everybody. Their user friendly interface makes navigation easier. Along with Japanese language anime, they also list subbed and dubbed shows. Supposing your desired anime is not listed on their website, which very rarely happens, you can request them to upload that anime show. They regularly update their inventory with new collection. They too do not ask for any registration credentials like email address, phone number or credit card details.

  • Anime Lab

Anime Lab has all the features of Kissanime site. The website does not ask for any registration and is safe to browse. They regularly update their collection with new, popular and trendy shows. They have a separate category for subtitled and dubbed movies. Their movies are neatly categorised into genres and are easy to browse thanks to their user friendly interface.

  • Anime Frenzy

Anime Frenzy has the latest collection of anime movies of all the websites listed here. New anime, tv shows, manga, cartoons etc are regularly added from time to time. The easily browsable interface makes for a smooth experience. No signup needed to watch HD quality content on this website.

  • Anime TV

One good thing about Anime Tv is that they do not have ads. That is mostly the problem with free streaming websites but not this one. They have the latest collection of anime movies on their website like kissanime. One can also watch their favourite series with subtitles or dubbed. They keep up to date with the latest trends. Their shows are all well categorised and available on their homepage in a presentable manner and in HD print.  

  • KIMCartoon

KIMCartoon is yet another good alternative to Kissanime. The well designed homepage is really attractive to new users. They are drawn to the ease at which they can browse and stream their free anime shows or movies. This amazing interface is the reason why KIMCartoon is watched by thousands of fans worldwide. They update the list of latest manga and anime too. They do not compromise with quality and just have high quality stuff on their website. Users can request as many movies they want to be uploaded on the website, completely free of cost.

  • KissManga

Though it’s name might sound similar to Kissanime, they are two completely different websites. Their fans enjoy a huge collection of anime movies and tv shows that too all in HD. And just when you think that’s enough, they spoil you with an interface that runs as smooth as butter. Animes that are dubbed in English are also popular with the Non-Japanese audiences. You will be truly spoilt for choice. Kissamine and Kissmanga may not be same but they definitely offer similar services. Hence, Kissmanga can make a perfect alternative for Kissanime.

  • OtakuStream

Otakustream is the best website for anime lovers all around the world. They make the latest anime series and movies available to their fans. Animes with English version is also available to the audiences. Episodes of various popular and trending animes are neatly arranged on their homepage for easy browsing. Even a newcomer can easily find his way around the website, thanks to its easy to use interface.  This website is 100% legal and safe as well. Your search for a website seimikar to kissanime ends here.

  • Kiss Asians

Quite similar to Kissanime, Kiss Asians is another popular anime content streaming website. They do not have any kind of ads and always upload high quality content. They are safe as well as free to use. They regularly update their huge collection with new movies for their viewers.

  • Anilinkz

Anilinkz is also a very popular resource for viewing anime movies and anime tv series’. Latest updates of anime series are posted on this website. Apart from Japanese language, English language dubbed movies are posted as well. Even the Japanese ones have English subtitles. This can make a better alternate to Kissanime.

  • AnimePahe

Last but not the least, let’s take a look at one more similar website like Kissanime. Named Animepahe, it has all the same features of Kissanime and is one of the best website for anime lovers. Its easy to use interface makes it easier for users to navigate and watch the movies of their choice. They are completely safe and legal to use. All the features are free but you can still register and login to enjoy added benefits. They pride themselves at their quality and are committed to providing better services. That’s what makes them comparable to Kissanime.

Reasons to pick Kissanime is the best pick for watching anime series containing free HD streaming, easily downloadable high-quality content. These are the benefit of watching animes.

Kissanime Common Classes

Kissanime has following common genres:

  • Motion
  • Journey
  • Automobiles
  • Cartoon
  • Comedy
  • Demons
  • Drama
  • Fantasy
  • Horror
  • Youngsters
  • Magic
  • Music
  • Thriller
  • Romance
  • Sci-fi
  • Samurai
  • Sports
  • Supernatural
  • Thriller
  • Vampire
  • Kissanime Mirror Websites

Proxy or Mirror websites of Kissanime are as follows: