Lebanon Explosion News: More Than 130 Dead, 5000 Injured, Over 3 Lakh Homeless

Lebanon Explosion News

Lebanon is a country about four and a half thousand kilometers away from India whose capital is Beirut. On August 4, 2020, Tuesday evening, there was a massive explosion in which about 78 people died and more than 4 thousand people were injured. The blast happened in the port by the sea. Many of Beirut blast video is becoming quite viral on social media. There are some videos that you have to harden your heart to watch.

Lebanon Explosion News: According to the report of ‘Aljazeera’, Lebanese President Michel Aoun convened an emergency meeting of the cabinet after the incident. And said that given the situation, a two-week emergency should also be implemented.

The Explosion Caused A Huge Earthquake Of 3.5 Magnitudes

According to the German Geoscience Center GFZ, the explosion was like an earthquake of 3.5 magnitudes. It was also heard and felt as far as Cyprus, about 200 km from Beirut. Officials fear that the number of people killed in the incident may increase further.

A ship of UNIFIL i.e. United Nations Interim Force in Lebanon stationed at the port in the Lebanon blast was also damaged, which also injured many peacekeepers. UNIFIL says that they are with the Lebanese government in this difficult time and are ready to provide all necessary help.

130 Died & 5000 Injured In Severe Explosion Blast in Beirut

Relief workers in the Lebanese capital, Beirut, are still searching for survivors in the rubble piled buildings after the blast. At least 135 people have died and more than 5000 have been injured in an explosion in Beirut on Tuesday.

It Seemed As If There Was A Firecracker Festival

According to local time, the initial blast took place in the Port area of ​​Beirut, the capital of Lebanon at 6 pm. After this, there was a fire and small other explosions also occurred. According to some eyewitnesses, it seemed that there were firecrackers.

Beirut Blast Video Trending Over Social Media

In a video posted on social media, smoke was seen emanating from a warehouse. Many of Beirut blast video is becoming quite viral on social media. There are some videos that you have to harden your heart to watch. But what happened after that, many people still have not recovered from it. Suddenly, a terrible explosion, smog, and the whole city fell into its grip. A fireball rose in the air. Along with a supersonic and a mushroom-shaped shockwave, it spread across the city.

Beirut Lebanon Explosion News: 5 Indians Suffers Minor Injuries  

The Foreign Ministry has reported that 5 Indians have also suffered minor injuries in the blast in Lebanon. External Affairs Ministry spokesman Anurag Shrivastava said that according to the tweet of the Indian Embassy in Lebanon, there was no major loss to the people of the Indian community. Only 5 people have suffered minor injuries. He said that our embassy is in constant dialogue with the Indian communities there. If anyone needs any help, it is also being provided.

Hospitals Filled With Huge Number Of Patients

Due to the terrible explosion of the second one, the buildings in the Port area were destroyed. Also, terrible devastation occurred in many areas of Beirut. Beirut has a population of 2 million. After the explosion in Beirut, the injured soon reached the hospital and slowly started filling the hospital.

What Are The Causes Of Explosion In Beirut?

At that time the ship was inspected and it was barred from leaving. After this, its owners abandoned the ship. This information was given by Shiparrested.com, a newsletter of this industry. The ship’s cargo was shifted to a warehouse in the port for security reasons. However, it was said that either it should be disposed of or sold.

Ammonium nitrate a reason for the severe blast in Beirut – Ammonium Nitrate is a crystal-like white solid material, which is commonly used as a source of nitrogen in fertilizers for farming. It is also mixed with fuel oil to produce explosives, which are used in mining and construction industries. The extremists have also used it many times to make bombs.

Experts say that if ammonium nitrate is stored properly, then it is safe. But if this substance has been lying on the ground for a long time, then it starts deteriorating slowly.

President Aoun Has Assured A Transparent Investigation Into The Blast

On Wednesday, President Aoun said, “We are committed to conducting an investigation and as soon as possible, we will bring out the circumstances surrounding this incident. Whoever is responsible for this and those who ignore it will be punished hard.”

Prime Minister Hasan Diab has described the circumstances behind the explosion in Beirut as unacceptable. The port’s general manager Hassan Koretem and the director-general of Lebanese customs, Badri Daher, have said that they had warned several times about the danger of storing ammonium nitrate but were ignored.

Daher said- We said that it should be exported again, but it did not happen. We leave it to the experts and concerned people to find out why this happened.

From the documents released on the internet, it seems that the Customs officials had written letters to the judiciary at least six times between 2014 and 2017 so that they can give directions in this regard.

The Lebanese government has ordered the officials monitoring the ammonium nitrate kept in the store at the port to be under house arrest until the investigation is completed.

Beirut Blast: Protests erupt in Lebanon over deadly blast

  • Two days after the devastating port explosion in Beirut, protests have erupted as evidence mounts of state’s negligence in the originate to the explosion.
  • Some of Beirut’s residents, angered by their city’s seeming negligence that led to the present week’s deadly warehouse explosion, took to the streets late Thursday to demand reform.
  • Near parliament, Lebanese security forces fired tear gas as they clashed with anti-government protesters.
  • In the central square of Beirut’s mostly destroyed downtown, a gaggle of Lebanese, some carrying shovels to dig through the debris, shouted, “The people want the fall of the regime.”

The protests came as authorities in Lebanon detained 16 people as a part of an urgent investigation into the big explosion that devastated Beirut’s port area and much of the town on Tuesday. The blast has been traced to an estimated 2,750 tons of nitrate.