Activate Windows Free And Legally With bit/ly/windows.txt


Windows is definitely the most used operating system in the world. Nevertheless, installing it can be a hassle because one requires a license key to install authentic Windows operating system. Through this article, we aim to provide you with a step by step guide of how you can install Windows OS for free with bit/ly/windows.txt method.

Before the invention of Windows by Microsoft, early computers used command line interfaces like CP/M, MS-DOS, Unix, Linux etc. Windows revolutionised the world of computing and helped computer reach to the masses for personal use. It became so common that people nowadays can hardly use any other operating system. Though the interface is user-friendly, they do require a license key to function properly.

Few issues one might face if their windows is not activated are:

  1. The message for windows activation is always present on the bottom right of your windows screen.
  2. The computer could start facing issues after a long use without a license.
  3. Personalisation is not possible.

Keeping the above issues in mind, it becomes paramount that you get windows properly installed with a license key. But buying that license key requires payment of a hefty sum and most people cannot afford it. The operating system keeps pestering you for activation through popup messages, ruining the experience.

However, there is a way to activate Windows without going the route of using a license or a product key. The method is easy to implement and can be used for all versions of Windows like 7 for Windows 7, bit ly windows 8.1 txt for Windows 8 and 10 txt for Windows 10.

Though it might seem like a shortcut, this is a completely legal method to activate windows and has no legal implications. So, let’s dive right into the steps that you need to follow:

  1. Launch your computer’s browser.
  2. Enter in the URL bar
  3. This opens up a tab with lots of random text
  4. Using Ctrl+C or using your mouse, copy the text
  5. Paste the code in a new text document
  6. Save the file with a .cmd extension by clicking on the ‘Save As’ option

That’s it. Your Windows has now been activated free of cost and that too legally. Enjoy browsing the services that windows has to offer without any worries. Share this article with your friends so that they can utilise this method as well for carefree use of Windows.