9 Bathroom Storage and Shelf Ideas You Must Try and Carry Out Now

over toilet storage

There is a saying that you can only tell a place or a house is tidy, organized, and inviting when its bathroom is neat and organized as well. In this, we agree as the small space of our bathrooms holds and somewhat reflects on how we manage and take care of the entirety of our houses in general.

We also feel your frustrations when there are just so many items, materials, and products, but also very little space to put everything in. This is a typical problem we encounter especially in our bathroom spaces.

In this article, we are to discuss and tackle some tips over toilet storage and organization ideas you can consider and apply to your small washroom to maximize its space, make it extra well-ordered, and appealing, you have nothing to worry about if anyone comes in and perhaps make you love this personal space even more.

Let us begin!

  1. Hutch Storage

The word hutch came from the American English language that pertains to a particular type of furniture. Hutch Style is cabinet-type over-the-toilet storage that you can install on your bathroom without actually needing to put cabinets though it is best to be secured against a wall. It pairs well with almost any type of bathroom interior because of its simplicity and the natural aesthetic vibe it gives. So worry no more and have your towels and other bathing essentials organized with this unit.

  1. Metal Storage

Metal units are typically the most lightweight in all options, but are still sturdy and often come with a classic and shining design and appearance. You can perfectly arrange bathing towels, shampoos, scented candles, and other collections here. It is also a good option when you want to maximize the small space of your bathroom.

  1. Storage Baskets

If there are just so many towels and sheets in your closet, you want to put all those extra in a secured place and space, then you can consider repurposing a basket, decorating it, and displaying just under your bathroom sink or vanity.

Better still, you can also make use of it to collect used towels and linen.

  1. Over-the-Toilet Shelves

Some do not opt for cabinetry that typically occupies large space. Over-the-toilet shelves could be an efficient alternative for you then. There are already modern ladder-type shelves where you can put your shampoos, soap, towels, picture frames, scented candles, and basically, anything you want to display for an easy reach and more aesthetic bathroom interior.

  1. Corner Shelves

When it comes to design and creativity, even in our bathroom, we cannot limit ideas because as long as there is a space, we can always come up with something good and perhaps innovative.

Regarding this, you can also consider putting up shelves in the corners of your washroom and create layers of it where you can display your decorative items such as small plants, or even books and towels. It is really up to you!

  1. Above-the-Door Rack

For items that you do not need to regularly use, but just in case you will be using some, you want to make sure these are within reach, you can install an above-the-door rack to keep things secure and organized in one place. You will need the aid of a stool, but that is what they are made for, right? You must try this idea as well.

  1. Under-the-Sink Storage

Maximize your free-standing sink by setting-up under-the-sink storage where you can put the bathing essentials you also want to display – your plants, toothbrush, toothpaste, brush, and soap at the side of your sink, and your towels and other products under. What do you think?

  1. Over-the-Door Storage Rack

You do not need to worry about a limited and small wall space for your bathroom either. You can still make use of the door itself, where you can hang a storage unit for your toiletries and towels. Only be extra careful in opening and closing it, just saying!

  1. Storage Ladder

For some other creative idea, you can also customize, design, and turn an old wooden ladder into an artful bathroom storage ladder by putting wire baskets for an instant shelving system. Add an air freshener, your favorite plant, and those extra toilet paper rolls, and you are all good!

Final Thoughts

Our bathrooms do not have to always stay as one of the most neglected or messiest parts of our houses. Now is the time for us to reimagine how we can level up our washroom interiors and set up, and indeed, make the most out of it – no matter the size and space. We have tackled some ideas you can freely explore and use in your bathroom to make it more organized, and even become a personal zen zone. Give it a try!