5 Common Newborn Ailments & How to Relieve Them

baby itching at night

Having a new baby in the house is exciting and nerve-racking at the same time. As a parent, you want to do everything perfect, and you want your baby to be healthy. One thing to keep in mind is that there are a variety of ailments that are commonly seen in newborns. Most of them are mild and fairly harmless and can be treated easily at home with natural remedies. 

1. Colds

It is extremely common for a newborn to have a runny nose, cough, and other symptoms of the common cold. Your baby is working to build his or her own immune system and, along the way, getting sick is not unusual. 

If your newborn has congestion, try running a humidifier in the room to keep the air moist, which will help loosen the mucus. Using a rubber bulb syringe also helps to clear the nose. Make sure your baby is getting lots of liquid via breast milk, water, or formula. You may also notice that your newborn is sleeping more, which helps quicken recovery.

2. Colic

Although colic is common, it is not enjoyable for either the baby or parents. Colic is uncontrollable crying for seemingly no reason. For many babies, they cry because of discomfort in the stomach or digestive system. They may have symptoms such as bloating, gas, or constipation.

Gripe water for infants is a good remedy if the crying is due to stomach discomfort. A chiropractic adjustment has also been shown to relieve colic.

3. Diaper rash

Newborns go to the bathroom a lot, and sitting in their urine or feces, even for a short time, can cause rash in the diaper area. Signs of diaper rash include redness or little red bumps.

Changing diapers more often, or switching to natural diapers, will help over the long run. In the meantime, there are many natural diaper rash ointments to help clear up the irritation.

4. Eczema

If you notice your baby itching at night or excessively during the day, he or she may have eczema. This skin condition is common in up to 25% of babies and children.

Certain things can trigger symptoms, so try to identify what these triggers are so you can avoid them. When bathing, only use lukewarm water to wash the dirty areas of the baby and keep the bath short. Find a natural moisturizing cream to apply twice a day.

5. Vomiting

Vomiting is common, although most people refer to it as spit up, especially if it occurs after eating. 

Burping your newborn right after feeding will help cut down on this issue. If it continues, your baby may be suffering from digestive issues and you may want to contact a doctor or chiropractor.

Enjoy these precious times with your newborn, as they will pass quicker than you can imagine. Pretty soon you will be dealing with other ailments and you will figure out how to relieve them, such as using baby teething oil to help with teething symptoms. If you have a supply of natural remedies, you can be prepared for anything.